Winter sew-plans

Ahoy there! Man, I’ve got that typical January blues feeling and haven’t really been sewing at all since the new year. That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking a lot about it, though. Actually it’s been quite nice to sit back and plan some things I want to make that my wardrobe really needs. It was my birthday this week and I took myself to Brighton for the day, where I topped up my stash nicely in Ditto Fabrics. Nothing like buying beautiful fabrics to feel inspired again! I thought by committing some of my plans to the mockups below I might feel even more motivated to get going.


Top left: I really need more trousers that aren’t skinny jeans! I bought some lovely black viscose suiting from Fabricland in Brighton which I’m going to use to make some peg pants with an elastic waist, probably using the Papercut Anima.
Top right: I treated myself to this AMAZING silk poplin from Ditto – the only print I bought on the day in fact which is a new thing. I can’t resist a print that looks sort of abstract at first, then you realise it’s a bit weird. I’ll show it off in a simple day dress – The Avid Seamstress sent me their Day Dress pattern to test which sounds like a good match.
Bottom left: I want a wee button-down denim skirt as another alternative to skinny jeans. This is the Pauline Alice Rosari, but I’ll probably self-draft from my skirt block.
Botton right: I went into Topshop the other day to ‘shop’ for sewing ideas (another fun way to kick up some inspiration), and they had this amazing drapey T-shirt made out of Cupro with a tuck/knot in the front. I think I’ll be able to make a good copy with the Style Arc Molly and some waffley-textured black silk I also got in Ditto.


Top left: I’ve been hoarding this gorgeous darkest green diamond patterned coating from Miss Matatabi for a while, and I just bought the Named Yona coat pattern on sale. I want to lengthen it to knee length and probably add some snaps to fasten.
Top right: another Style Arc Ethel in a nice Indian printed rayon
Bottom left: I’ve been hoarding this Cloth House Fujiyama print for ages too – for such a bold pattern it’ll have to be a simple silhouette, so I’m thinking either another BHL Zeena or perhaps a boxy T-shirt.
Bottom right: more non-jean pants – I bought some lovely brushed cotton twill from Ditto in a dark sage grey-green. This pattern is the Madeleine cigarette trouser from Ralph Pink – I’m keen to try some of his patterns (did you see his new-look website with lots of new made-up samples? Very nice.)

I think it worked – definitely keen to get going on all of this soon now!

21 thoughts on “Winter sew-plans

  1. AvatarChristy

    If our dollar were so scary against the pound I would definitely buy that silk poplin. I love it! So, so quirky and wierd, but cool! Make that dress first please!

  2. Avatarsallie

    So glad I’m not the only one suffering from January blues! I love seeing your sewing plans, especially since they feature some new-to-me patterns! Can’t wait to see what you get yourself up to this year!

  3. AvatarAnn watts

    Ditto – love the shop. Found it last year on a visit to Brighton every fabric I have bought there has been great.

  4. AvatarPsychicKathleen

    I loved reading your plans and following the links to the patterns and materials you’ll be using. That was SO helpful! I too am looking forward to seeing your silk poplin dress come to fruition -it’s going to be gorgeous!

  5. AvatarRee

    Great plans afoot! What a great way to organise your thoughts and keep track, putting the line drawing of the garment on a picture of the fabric. Also I love that silk poplin and until now I never knew silk poplin was a thing! What does it feel like?

  6. AvatarKatie

    This looks like a fantastic, and manageable, set of plans! I haven’t really been sewing lately either (something about travel + family + holidays + back to work) – so I need to get my sewjo up! I’m thinking I should try to add some non-jeans pants to my plans too… but part of me wants to just hold out for warmer weather and spring! I can’t wait to see these made up! :D

  7. AvatarLea

    Hi Katie,
    I like your posting winter-plans. Could you tell me how you make the pictures of those plan? i meant to combine the patterns on the fabrics? do you use an application or special software?
    thank you

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