White Tree / GBSB lacy tee

Lace tee

Just a quick one today to show this tee I made as part of a White Tree Fabrics blogger challenge. They invited their blogger network to pick a lace fabric to celebrate this week’s lace-themed episode of the Great British Sewing Bee – I still haven’t seen the episode so no spoilers please, but I hear someone on the show used this very same fabric for their dress! I went for a Burnt Orange corded lace because the colour is so beautiful and, being quite inexperienced in sewing lace, I thought a more rigid lace would be easier to deal with. It’s not quite as neon as it came out in these photos by the way!

Lace tee

To show off the lace I picked a simple T-shirt pattern – the Salme pleated t-shirt. I did plan to add the pleats initially, but decided against it in the end as I wanted the lace pattern to be the star of the show. I made sure to line up the bodice and sleeve hems against the selvedge to be able to use the scallops for the edges.

Lace tee

I cut the seam allowances down to about 5mm and finished the raw edges together with a small zig zag (the fabric barely frays at all anyway). The neckline is simply turned and hemmed and there was no hemming required on the cuffs and bottom hem, making this a very speedy sew.

Lace tee

Pop over to the White Tree blog to read a bit more and see the other bloggers’ lacy makes. Tomorrow I’ve got a review of the new GBSB book coming too!

11 thoughts on “White Tree / GBSB lacy tee

  1. Avataremily marie

    Yes, the color is really nice on you! I never thought of lace as being easier to deal with, but that is amazing that there was no hemming involved! Also helps that this one is more of a solid fabric than some laces with more holes.
    This is making me realize that I need more dressy tees/tops in my life so I can half dress up every now and then. :)

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