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Ahoy-hoy. Just checking in to share some current WIPs in the absence of anything actually finished. It’s not really like me to have so many projects on the go at once, but I’ve been keen to stashbust and use what I have before buying more fabric. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with a new job to finish anything though, and I now need to pack away all my sewing stuff for a while because we’re having a bit of building work done (which will result in a larger sewing space for me! Yay!). Hoping to have some done by Christmas at least! Here’s what’s lurking in my big box of WIPs…

Half a coat, in a delicious tobacco wool and lined with plaid from Mexico. After a horrendous time fitting the sleeves I took a bit of a breather from it, but I’m dying to finish it so I can start wearing it. It ‘just’ needs welt pockets, lining and fastenings now.

Waist detail of a rather lovely party frock that is just about done, it’s a BHL Anna hack so I think I’ll appropriately wear it for their Christmas bash in a couple of weeks’ time.

Another festive-leaning BHL hack – a second Anna/S1610 mashup in cranberry sandwashed silk. This just needs its zip and hem, but I’m not happy with the puckering around the bias-faced neckline so I’m debating my options there too.

Some skinny trousers made from a rather lovely dotty brushed cotton. Just need belt loops, button and hemming.

Today’s work – a little frock to wear to a family wedding in a couple of weeks’ time. Straight off my block in an easy-sew poly from Mexico, the ideal rainy Sunday project.

That’s not to mention my planned project list: a Rigel bomber, Ginger jeans, a Clover dress… Oh, and amongst all this selfish sewing I have at least two (secret, obviously) Christmas gifts to make. With my sewing space out of action for a while I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out. Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by festive plans and/or unfinished garments at the moment?!

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  1. AvatarSarah - Fabric Tragic

    Oh the red silk and dotty trousers look like fun. I am literally having breakfast on day one of a week of staycation, and shall be sewing myself stupid for a whole week at home…. I’ve only committed to 2 crafty gifts, the rest will all be for me me me!

  2. AvatarCaroline Joynson

    Hi Katie,
    Yes – I am totally on your page with regards lots of WIP’s that are not quite finished and no sewing space due to my year-long house renovation. I have pretty much hand sewn anything that I can get away with to avoid having to get my machine out in a dust-covered house with building going on around me. I am hoping to get the DIY house project completed by Christmas but I am getting worried about a few hand-made gifts I had sort of promised friends and family… might need to ask Santa’s elves to give me a hand..
    Loving the look of your coat. I am part way into my first ever wool coat and I have already made a bit of a mistake on both of the bust darts. Too expensive a wool to re-do so I’m just going with the flow!!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Oh gosh, a year? I would have given up! I’m not even going to try and sew while it’s going on. Good luck with the coat.

  3. Avatarlisa g

    Loving all your projects! I’m such a “one project at a time” gal, I can’t imagine all those projects taunting me… Hope you can get them finished up soon!

  4. AvatarSophie

    Oooo! You’re such a tease! Though I completely understand the need for down time from sewing. Can’t wait to see them all come to fruition…in good time.

  5. AvatarGinger

    I can’t wait to see your coat!!! It’s going to be so gorgeous! I’m slogging through a jacket project right now and losing enthusiasm by the minute, and I totally hear you on the to-do list starting to feel a bit unmanageable before the holidays! I want to make a shirt for my husband and something for my mom as gifts, and I’d like a Christmas dress (although every year it just doesn’t happen), and I have two complicated garments to finish up for my tailoring class and that’s starting to feel a little bit crazy!

  6. AvatarElena

    Gosh Katie, I am so jealous of your awesome fabrics. I find it almost impossible to find good prints.

    I love the look of those trousers too. What pattern are they?

    elena x

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