Victoria Blazer

Victoria Blazer

Here we go, my first outerwear sew, and my first lined garment. It’s far from perfect, but not bad for a first try I guess. It is of course the By Hand London Victoria blazer, which is rightly hugely popular in blogland at the moment. I didn’t pounce the minute this pattern was released, but when I saw ponte knit recommended as a fabric choice I suddenly realised it could be an excellent wardrobe filler.

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I bought the ‘mushroom marl’ ponte and the gold lining from Truro Fabrics, who have a great online range. They even threw in a reel of matching mushroom-coloured cotton thread for free, which was handy for topstitching. The ponte is the loveliest fabric I’ve worked with so far: baby-soft and smooth, yet thick and sturdy. I’m not sure I did it justice to be honest, but it was so nice to sew with. I liked the look of the reverse side so much I used it as a little contrast on the cuffs and collar.

Victoria Blazer
Victoria Blazer

The pattern’s construction was fairly challenging to me, despite initially seeming pretty straightforward. The instructions are well written, in a pleasingly chummy tone of voice, and I was very glad to have By Hand’s online sewalong to refer to as well. Still, I made a muddle of nearly every step, from the neckline to the french-seamed cuffs. I found it particularly hard to stitch the lining in place without distortion – probably a peril of stretch meeting non-stretch fabric. It’s still rather puckered after my fourth or fifth try, alas, and that right front corner just will not lie flat.

Victoria Blazer

I removed the side pockets along the way as I thought they added unwanted hip bulk, and also shortened the front lapels – admittedly mostly because I accidentally cut the size for the cropped version and thought they would do fine. The whole blazer also ended up shorter than intended due to my inability to hem in a straight line and aforementioned lining woes.

Victoria Blazer

Despite all these issues – all of which my fault, I should add – I do rather like this jacket. It’s very comfortable and fits pretty well, in a boxy kind of way. I’ll see if I end up wearing it after the temperature’s dropped a bit, or I will more likely treat this as a test run and make a neater one based on learning from my mistakes. Should I line with a stretch next time to avoid the issues I had? Or not line at all?

Victoria Blazer

Oh yeah, and it was only while taking photos that I realised I’d unintentionally made a jacket that perfectly matches my living room colours. Well, grey and yellow is my favourite combo.

14 thoughts on “Victoria Blazer

  1. Kathryn

    I love this Victoria! I’m also considering a knit version, I have a similar blazer from Whistles that I wear non-stop in the autumn/spring. Really like the yellow pop of colour in the lining.

  2. Jane

    Ooh very nice! I’ve got a double knit version planned for autumn so it’s good to see another one. I’m also wondering how the stretch and non stretch qualities of my main fabric and lining fabric will behave – I think I’ll just have to go for it and see! I bet you wear it tons, it’s lovely. x

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  4. Helen

    Hi! I’ve just come across your blog via By Hand London’s Victoria roundup post! I love your version! I really fancied a grey marl ponte knit version (although have yet to actually buy the pattern…) but love your mushroom version – and that mustard lining! I may have to make myself something similar! Also, not familiar with Truro fabrics so will have to take a look!

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Helen, glad you found me! I wholeheartedly recommend a ponte knit Victoria (in particular the ponte from the Truro shop which is just gorgeous and comes in some great other colours), but watch out for when it meets the lining! I’m definitely going to try another with a stretch lining. Off to nose at your blog now :)

  5. Kate @ M is for make

    It looks great, I love the lining, perhaps it’s something that get easier with practice? (I’ve never tried it myself). I have found on photographing makes that everything in my life is in the same colour palette, even the pets, it’s quite soothing :)

  6. Catherine

    I loved your jacket so much I’m afraid I ordered the same ponte from Truro fabrics the same day but decided on the marshmallow coloured lining. Love it, love it, love it!
    I have never sewed with ponte before. Did you use a sewing machine or an overlocker for your seams? Do I need a walking foot? Not even sure what one is but people seem to use them for stretchy fabrics. I have a fairly basic Janome machine and it doesn’t seem to have a stretch stitch but I do have a secondhand overlocker. Sorry to ask so many questions but I so want this to turn out well.

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Catherine, I’m glad I inspired you! Marshmallow will be really pretty with the grey.

      I did use an overlocker for the seams and a walking foot for topstitching (it basically stops stretchy fabrics from distorting by ‘walking’ over the fabric rather than pressing down on it). But since the ponte is so stable I think you could get away with a regular foot and normal machine seams as it hardly stretches/distorts at all during sewing. It sews up so beautifully! Just be a bit more careful with attaching the lining than me, and make sure it’s lined up really well all around. Good luck!

      1. Catherine

        Thanks for replying. I have read such a lot about knitted fabrics that it had scared me a bit so I suppose I’ll just have to dive in and cut it!
        Thought I might line the sleeves too. What do you think?

  7. Vanessa

    This is so lovely, I know you said there are lumps and bumps to it but, honestly, it looks flawless. I’m trying to psych myself up to attempt this blazer but having trouble deciding on a fabric. Look forward to reading more of your blog posts! In fact, I’m off for a nosey now : )

  8. Meli

    I was just searching on burda for some jacket inspiration- I bought a grey knit very similar to the one that you used, and I really like what you did with it. Thanks for the ideas!

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