V1501: black midi edition

Vogue 1501

Sometimes I swear to remake a pattern again and it doesn’t happen for a long time, if ever, but in the case of Vogue 1501 I had such a ~vision for a black midi version that I went out hunting for fabric to make it happen immediately, and spent last week sewing it up.

Vogue 1501

To be honest I was just setting out to copy the Klein dress from the pattern designer Rachel Comey’s ready to wear line. (Apparently I even copied the shoes, ha ha.) I made a few fitting and stylistic tweaks to the pattern as follows:

  • Added 6 inches to the length of the skirt plus knee-high side seam splits.
  • Gathered rather than pleated the front skirt and bodice into the waistband
  • Graded out the back side seams to adjust for the tight fit across the bum in my first one
  • Rounded out the bottom edges of the bodice for a different look (and hemmed it using bias strips)

Vogue 1501
Vogue 1501

The fabric is black ‘powder touch’ polyester from The Textile Centre in Walthamstow. The pattern does work well in a crisp cotton like i used last time but I think it’s especially nice in something drapier.

Vogue 1501

Despite being a bit out there for my usual style (I’ve never owned a dress practically ankle length long) I bloody love this dress and feel really comfortable in it. I feel like it will join the ranks of things I’ll reach for on those ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ days, and the poly fabric will make it really easy to care for.

30 thoughts on “V1501: black midi edition

  1. AvatarBella

    This might be my favourite thing you’ve made! It’s amazing. How did you deal with the shoulder pads this time? Did you just leave that little gusset piece off?

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! It’s in my top ten too I think. Ah yes that was another tweak, just sewed up the seam without the gusset.

  2. AvatarNatasha

    Wow! I love that dress! Nice work. I actually have a few skirts that length and I really like them because I am a teacher and it makes me feel more “covered” when I am running around my classroom. That pattern is fabulous.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! The length works for me too as our office is a weird temperature – this length keeps the chill off but is still cool.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I have a wedding next weekend, I would totally wear this dress but I’m not sure black is right for a wedding..

  3. Avatarsallie

    this is awesome! You really have me inspired to make this pattern, but now I don’t know if I want to make it in a print or a solid?!?! I love BOTH your versions so much!!!

  4. AvatarAlaina

    Amazing. This is really wonderful, and now I’m inspired to make one too. Nothing more fun than seeing something you like and being able to recreate it like that!

  5. AvatarShauni

    I loved your first version of this dress, but I’m absolutely swooning over the midi length of this one! I always wear longer/midi length garments and I’d really love to try out this pattern (inspired by yours!). Do you think the pattern would be forgiving/easy to grade for a larger bust? From what I can see, it doesn’t look like it has bust darts, so I just wondered!
    Shauni x

  6. AvatarJuilette

    Your dress inspired me to make mine. I chose a similar poly from my stash and the drape is great. Thanks for a great review,

  7. AvatarMeeri

    I love this dress – and your hacked version. So great! It has inspired me to sew my own, and even get my fabric printed with my own design. (am attending a wedding soon).
    My one question is around the amount of fabric I will need, if adding the extra 6 inches… do you remember how much you used?
    thanks :-)

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I don’t remember sorry, I had 3 metres to play with and plenty left over but I didn’t measure exactly how much.

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