Tropical NL 6493

Summer wedding season has opened, and this is a New Look 6493 jumpsuit I made for the first occasion. I really like this final garment, but I did have some difficulties getting there with the pattern!

I didn’t toile or make any prior adjustments because I thought the pattern’s princess seams would give a chance to fine-tune fit as I went. I cut a smaller size in the bodice than the trousers after checking out the finished garment measurements, but the bodice still turned out way too large and flashed an alarming amount of skin! Upon re-checking the line art on the back of the pattern envelope you can see the back is intentionally drafted very low, but it was also baggy under the arms and on the wrap front too. The ease and wrap is necessary to let you pull on the jumpsuit without fastenings, but personally I think it would have been very difficult to wear as drafted, so it seems a poor design decision. (Also what’s with the random knit crop-top pattern included? Are you supposed to wear that underneath?!)

I ended up fixing it by overlapping both the front and back a couple of inches more than patterned, hiking up the straps a considerable amount and taking in the side seams, then lightly gathering the trouser waistband in the newly-smaller bodice so they still lined up. I put a little safety pin through the front neckline to keep it in place and could also do the same in the back, however for the wedding I just left it loose and cowl-like (and went braless!).

At least the fabric was well-behaved, a lovely lightweight poly crepe from Minerva, and the print hides where I had to fudge around with the fit on the bodice, hah.

This was really nice to wear to a warm evening wedding: the elastic waist meant it was super comfortable and even braless I felt very secure in the top after all the tweaks. I’m not sure I’ll make this pattern up again as I don’t think the bodice design is worth tinkering with to fix and the very low back means it’d be difficult to wear in the daytime (I might try layering a tee under it though). However I do really like the fit in the trousers – especially the single-piece pockets which were deep enough to hold my phone and cards so no bag required, hurrah – so I might splice on a simpler cami bodice for more summery jumpsuit fun.

29 thoughts on “Tropical NL 6493

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      If you can’t find it locally I know Minerva stocks then and will ship to you. New Look patterns are really cheap and have quite a lot of good, current styles.

  1. AvatarChloe

    Nice save! And I love your fabric choice. I’m all about the jumpsuits, but a bra is a necessity, so I’ll give this one a miss. Interesting that they include the crop top, but the model isn’t wearing it – that would be a totally different look.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Yeah, I’d have been interested to see that in the photos if it’s the intention to seer them together – I can’t really imagine it looking good…

  2. AvatarFiona

    O I really love this Katie! I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while so it’s great to see a review. I hadn’t clocked the low back which yes can be problematic for daytime. But still very tempted as this looks so great on you!

  3. AvatarPsychicSewerKathleen

    I think honestly it’s all the tweaking and fabric you did here that makes this a lovely dress. There are so many of this type of pattern available I know after reading your post I certainly wouldn’t go for this one :)

  4. AvatarSue

    I’ve had my eye on this pattern and I love how your version turned out! I am still a little confused by the fact that the pattern calls for knit fabrics, yet has princess seams — you managed it using a woven, right?

    1. AvatarSue

      OH! I just realized I was looking at the fabric requirements for A (the bralette/crop top) — the real garment uses a woven. Now I get it!

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  6. AvatarSarah

    Just beautiful! I love so much about these, the fabric, the cut and the back. You could definitely layer this to make it more wearable if you didn’t fancy always going backless. It looks stunning though.

  7. AvatarGinger

    What a pretty jumpsuit! You’ve almost convinced me to try one but I still have nightmares from when I was a kid trying to use the bathroom in one! Lol

    I think I’ll have to give it another shot. I’m short and jumpsuits just look so long and flattering.

  8. Avatarkirsti

    I made this last weekend & found the bodice RIDICULOUSLY LARGE! It was gaping all over the place! I guess that’s why a crop top is included, so you’re not flashing everything to everyone!
    I ended up taking a heap out of the bust & side seams, & will tack the front & back overlapping pieces…
    I was quite disappointed – I really like the idea of this (I made the dress version), but hopefully I will still wear it with some sort of boob-tube underneath…

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