Super happy fun Holly

Holly dress

All right, one last fun little make before I sign off for Christmas. This dress just makes me happy! It all came together quite organically and turned out exactly how I planned in my head. I needed that after coat-gate and a lot of selfless Christmas stitching.

Holly dress

I used the BHL Holly bodice, sized up to a 14 like my previous ones for a looser fit, and popped in a metal zip instead of buttons. Gotta love a TNT bodice and all the variations it can give you once the fit is perfected.

Holly dress

THIS FABRIC THOUGH. 1.5m of it accidentally slipped into my Shaukat shopping cart when I ordered some Liberty fabrics for Christmas gifts. It’s called Peter Woodward and omg it has tiny manga-style lions, dragons and unicorns all over it. I love how it’s basically a total novelty print but the muted colourway keeps it quite subtle. Looking down at those happy little animal faces really makes me smile though.

Holly dress

The skirt is simply the width of the fabric gathered to fit at the top – I didn’t have enough yardage for anything else. Tana lawn is about 53″ wide so it’s a slimmer fit than I usually make with gathered skirts but I like the resulting shape a lot. It does hella cling to tights though, I need to buy/make a slip.

Holly dress

The zip was a last minute decision. I was going to do buttons on the bodice ending at the waist, but thought a metal zip might offset the cute-factor of the print a bit. There are no other fastenings on the dress, so undoing the zip does give a bit of extra wiggle room to get in and out of it.

Holly dress

OK, I think that’s me out for now – off for some family time and hoping Santa brought me all the sewing goodies I asked for. Have a great one, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Super happy fun Holly

  1. AvatarDaisy Jones

    OOOOOh the fabric is so cute and sooo subtle, I did not notice at first then when you zoomed in the cuteness hits you its adorable..
    Merry christmas to you and yours
    bestest Daisy j x

  2. AvatarBella

    I’ve never spotted that Liberty print before, it’s very cool! You’re right about the zip, it does offset the cute a bit and looks so good with the greys in the fabric. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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