Style Arc Simone cardigan with White Tree fabric

Style Arc Simone cardgian

I’m very behind on photographing and sharing finished projects again (the old work effect, sigh), so this snuggly cardi is no longer very seasonally appropriate thanks to the lovely London sun we’ve been having lately. But it’s still a handy wardrobe builder and great for throwing over a dress or cami when the temperature dips. It’s a Style Arc Simone cardigan in Warm Jersey, which was kindly sent to me by White Tree Fabrics.

Style Arc Simone cardgian

I was going to make another Julia initially but decided to try the Simone, mostly because pockets. I’m – eh – moderately happy with the pattern. I agree mostly with this Pattern Review post that the drape is not like how I expected from the diagram. It hangs very heavily and rather sticks out around the hips, one place where I really don’t need any extra weight! The pockets are made by sewing a large dart in the front then folding it to the side seam, so you have six layers folded up in the hem which obviously makes it quite bulky. A lighter knit that the one I used is recommended, so maybe that would help. The instructions are typically brief but easy enough. There’s one error to be aware of: you need to cut two neck binding bands and seam them at the CB (the instructions have you cut only one which obviously isn’t long enough).

Style Arc Simone cardgian
Style Arc Simone cardgian

Chunky pockets aside, the fit it pretty good. It’s a bit longer than I expected, ending below the bum on me when I was hoping for mid-hip. You can’t shorten it from the hem because of the pockets, so next time I would take a couple of inches length out from around the waistline.

Style Arc Simone cardgian

The Warm Jersey fabric is a finely-knitted poly/elastane mix with a heathered effect from different coloured strands. Isn’t the colour just gorgeous? It matches both my living room and my blog! It comes in more scrummy muted colours too – red, brown, grey, blue (and Erin just used the richer aubergine purple for a hoodie). As the name suggests, it’s very soft and cosy and has a beautiful drape. I definitely snuggled in it like a blanket while deciding what to make it into. It was also great to work with – my overlocker and sewing machine both loved it. Despite being a proper knitted-looking knit it doesn’t fray or get fluff everywhere and it’s sturdy enough to not stretch all over the place when being cut and stitched.

Style Arc Simone cardgian

Style Arc Simone cardgian
The fabric behaved beautifully for the neck binding and I love how polished it looks – almost like a slim blazer lapel. There’s clear elastic in the shoulder seam to support the weight. One more change I would make next time is to hem the main cardigan before adding the neckband with the short edges pre-finished, because it feels a bit odd to me to have the hem going right over the band.

Style Arc Simone cardgian

I think it looks best on me with the pockets shoved to the back, not hanging around the front in its slightly weird trapezium-shaped way. It will definitely get plenty of wear this summer and beyond, and I might make it again with the fitting tweaks I mentioned as I do like the style. Obviously, the grey warm jersey is calling my name for next time.


Oh, and I almost forgot! White Tree Fabrics also gave me a 20% discount code and free shipping offer for everyone, just enter code WHATKATIESEWS at the check out. Happy shopping – I’m eyeing up lace and broderie for my next project…

Thank you to White Tree Fabrics for supplying the fabric; views as ever my own.

28 thoughts on “Style Arc Simone cardigan with White Tree fabric

  1. AvatarElena

    Ooh, this a beauty! I’ve been eyeing up this fabric as well so it’s really good to know how lovely it is! And with that discount code, how could I resist?

  2. AvatarCamilla

    This rocks my world. I’m a big cardi fan, wear one almost every day and now I can make my own. This cardi is really chic and I love the colour of that fabric. Nice job.

  3. AvatarJane

    Your cardi looks great. I have made 2 of these (it was the free pattern of the month) and your review is spot in. The first one I made out of a drapey viscose jersey and I made my 2nd one out of a light weight merino and have been practically living in it during our mild start to the winter here in NZ. The drape on the first one is lovely and was the reason I quickly made another.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I’ll definitely use a lighter knit next time. Merino sounds yummy too, my Julia was merino and I lovely how it feels.

  4. AvatarNilla

    Ooh, your cardigan looks great! That mustard-y color is one of my favorites, and thanks for mentioning that it’s the same fabric that Erin used – I already admired the fabric on her hoodie.

  5. AvatarGinger

    I’ve been curious about this pattern, so I’m glad to see your review. It looks good, even if it feels a little bulky (it doesn’t look it from the pics). The color looks great on you!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I think it looks more flattering in the pics than I feel in it – weird eh! Usually it’s the other way round ;)

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  7. AvatarTeri

    Your cardigan is lovely. I just made one up in bamboo jersey. I had the same issues with the pockets, so I trimmed the hem allowance away from the part that you fold. It helped. I am just getting ready to put pictures on my blog of the process, so check it out if you like.

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