Stripy Tully

I make a lot of trousers, but somehow there’s always room for more, especially of the statement-y and elasticated-waist variety. I think these Style Arc Tully pants fit the bill nicely!

The Tully pattern is designed with striped fabric in mind, as there’s a chance to play with the direction on the ties and cuffs; stripe direction lines are marked on the pattern pieces. I bought this yarn-dyed cotton-viscose from Stoff & Stil with exactly this project in mind.

It’s a great fabric, slightly beefier than a normal dress viscose so perfect for pants. I used the wrong side of the fabric as the orange stripes are slightly darker and I preferred the more subtle look. It frayed like crazy so all seams are overlocked. Oh, and this pattern only takes 1.5m of fabric and it’s very efficient to cut, so very little is wasted – always a bonus!

The pattern was fun to put together and much more simple than it looks, even with SA’s famously brief instructions. There are diagrams that clearly explain how to form the waistline, and I think the front pleat with the ties wedged into it is such a cool yet easy to sew detail. That said, I supplemented the instructions with a few extra steps, like pressing a crease into the paperbag waist edge before sewing up the crotch seam so it’d be easier to re-fold into place later, and seam finishes are not considered at all so I had to overlock as I went. I also continued the elastic across the centre front rather than ending it at the ties, as I preferred the ties to cinch a little closer together.

I cut out the side seam pocket pieces but then forgot-slash-decided to leave them out: the lack of pockets is already annoying me though and while it’s not possible to do my preferred slash pockets due to the waistline construction, I think there might be a way to add side seam pockets and anchor them into the top seam to prevent them flapping about. I’ll either go back and add them to these or consider this for my next pair. Lander-style patch pockets would be another option to explore.

Unusually for me I hardly messed with the design or fit at all other than the noted above. The hip has plenty of ease and the waist is elasticated so no need for much fine-tuning. I only had to take a slightly larger seam and hem allowance on the leg cuffs to get the “7/8” length look as intended on my rather short legs, therefore a longer-legged person might find they come up much shorter than intended.

The fabric and slightly directional design detail of the waist make these at the upper end of statement-making for my tastes, but the comfort and colours make them supremely wearable. I’m definitely going to make another pair in a solid colour, either black or forest green.

26 thoughts on “Stripy Tully

    1. AvatarPatty Karber

      I really like these but are the shorter hemlines going into winter? I really like this pant pattern. Our weather is so unpredictable. We’re farenheit here but we had a nearly 50 degree variation this week. That’s the way it is here.

  1. AvatarNichole

    Your pants are fantastic. Perfect fabric match for the pattern. I passed over this pattern on the Style Arc site, but seeing the finished product on you has completely changed my mind about them. I NEED to make a pair now ha ha!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! It’s a shame SA don’t show more made-up examples as I think a lot of their styles are great but need some imagination.

  2. AvatarChantal Lapointe

    I’ve been wearing my plain black linen Tully pants all summer. You’ve just given me the inspiration to try them in stripes too! I love the fabric you picked. Your pants look runway worthy!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! One style that’s quite good for pears I think, as the paperbag highlights the waist pretty nicely.

  3. AvatarCaroline

    I’m a random lurker but had to comment because I looooove these pants! Perfect match fabric and style. I agree that they are attention-getting without being a statement or crazy. Fantastic job!

  4. AvatarViolette

    Those look so good on you and I would love to give it a try as well! Did you buy the hard copy multiple size or the PDF single size? Not sure what size to choose…

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