Simplicity 1800 – Amazing Fit?

Simplicity 1800 dress

Meet my newest dress: Simplicity 1800, from their ‘Amazing Fit’ line.

Simplicity 1800 dress

I wasn’t really attracted to the hand-holding fitting instructions that this line promises, but I did love its princess seams, empire line cut and, of course, the built-in pockets.

Simplicity 1800 dress

Amazing fit? Hmm, in the end, but it wasn’t easy! I cut a size 12 again and it turned out HUGE. Like, 3 inches needing to come off each side huge. It was pretty weird as the bust princess seams (there are 4 cup size options) lay in the right place, so there was just a huge surplus at the sides. Luckily I could skim some off the side seams, and I also sewed in a line of elastic at the empire waist to keep it snug. Other bloggers seem to have had the same issue, so I’d say definitely size down on this one.

Simplicity 1800 dress

I did a fair bit of reworking to the sleeve and neckline. The sleeves were designed quite baggy so I slimmed them down through the top seam and also rounded off the top to follow the neckline curve. It all looked a bit hacky before I put in the edging – just a doubled-over strip of jersey stretched to fit – but I like how it turned out. The pockets are a nice feature but I wish they stood out more – I love how this blogger used a contrast piping to pick them out.

Simplicity 1800 dress

The fabric is a printed jersey from Minerva Crafts. I omitted the back zip because of the stretch. In fact, perhaps some of my fit issues were because of my fabric choice, but luckily the busy pattern meant I could bury a few sins.

Simplicity 1800 dress

Guts shot: nice and tidy inside, I even overlocked the darts (out of pure laziness from switching machines, to be honest). You can see where my seam lines totally don’t match up, but luckily you can’t tell from the outside.

Simplicity 1800 dress

I did my favourite jersey seaming method – overlock the raw edge then fold in 1cm and stitch with the walking foot – on the sleeves and hem.

The construction was generally a bit frustrating. The instructions were written in a kind of backwards way in order to let you try on the dress and do adjustments as you go, so I skipped a lot of them. By the time it came to setting in the sleeves and finishing the neckline I basically winged it and did what I thought best. I do think I’ll make this again, but I would probably re-draft the top half entirely into something less fussy. I think a floral lawn with contrast piping and a visible metal zip would be really cute.

5 thoughts on “Simplicity 1800 – Amazing Fit?

  1. Kathryn

    I really like your version, it’s a lot nicer than the pattern envelope would suggest! Weird about the fit – you’d think it wouldn’t have that much ease. Simplicity is pretty bad for that though. The fabric is EPIC, love your necklace too!

  2. Cheri Bennett

    I am making my first dress and using simplicity 1800. I didn’t realize all those dots and carrots were so important for someone like me. I am having trouble with the top. I need help. This is not an easy first dress. I am making the sundress and the summer is almost over! Yikes!

  3. Emmy Ziegler

    Hi Katie: I just bought this pattern because I wanted something comfy that I could just throw on. But I started reading the instructions, and it definitely seems a bit intimidating. The pattern calls for lining the bodice. Did you do that? Also, I see that you used a stretch knit instead of any of the suggested fabrics. I think that’s a great idea, especially not having to put in a zipper.

    Let me know about the bodice lining, if you think it’s necessary.
    Emmy Z.

    1. Katie Post author

      I’m afraid it was so long ago I don’t really remember. I assume the lining would be used to finish the neckline, so you would need a facing or bias facing instead if you don’t line it. Using a knit I just did a stretch band of knit fabric instead.

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