Simple does it

Plantain + Anima

This me-made outfit sort of represents where both my clothing preferences and sewing style is at the moment. Plain, basic, classic, capsule style stuff. Might seem boring on the surface, but I’m getting a kick out of sewing simple stuff well and adding really useful staple pieces into my wardrobe.

Plantain + Anima

The tee is a Deer & Doe Plantain, with some small modifications. I raised the neckline to crew/jewel style, cuffed the sleeve, and made a baseball-style curved hem. The fabric’s a lovely heathery knit from Abakhan which is sort of brushed on the underside so it’s really soft and cosy. TBH I find myself wearing this until it starts to smell bad then pulling it out of the wash to wear again immediately.

Plantain + Anima

The pants are hacked Papercut Animas. This pattern for me is one of those super-adaptable TNTs – I’ve made four pairs in different fabrics and they all look totally different. This one’s in a dreamy viscose-mix suiting I got from Brighton’s Fabricland and the simple alteration was to straighten out the leg at the knee rather than the tapered fit as patterned.

Plantain + Anima
Plantain + Anima

I was actually hoping for an even more exaggerated flare/culotte style leg, so I might take this hack a step further and slash-and-spread the pattern from the hip for a future pair. Here’s some of the inspo I found while dreaming these up. (Click through to the post if you’re in a reader, to see the Pinterest pins below.)

Plantain + Anima

I love this outfit: I feel really cool and comfortable in it, had fun sewing it, and I know both garments will get worn to death. I’ve been buying up lots of plain fabrics in nice luxe natural fibres lately to take this principle further.

25 thoughts on “Simple does it

  1. AvatarHélène

    Cool! This is my kind of everyday outfit. Plantain is my go-to tee pattern – so perfectly drafted – and as for your hack on Anima pants, I think these are great but, yes, they could be even more flared for a total culotte effect. BTW, I think there’s some information missing when you say “Here’s some of the inspo I found while dreaming these up:”. There is no image or link following… or was it blocked by my software?

    1. Avatartiff

      It didn’t show up in my Blog Reader either, but once opened to Katie’s blog it shows up. There are several images from Pinterest of similar cropped, straight-leg trousers.

      1. AvatarKatie Post author

        Thanks! I’ve added a note to the post – the Pins won’t show up in blog readers I don’t think.

  2. AvatarCaroline

    We all need essential wardrobe basics like these! I really like your straight trouser leg hack. I have just made 2 pairs of straight leg trousers (elastic waist), to be blogged, as I prefer this style to a tapered leg. It suits you too.

  3. AvatarElle

    I love this! I want to live in that teeshirt. I’m consistently impressed by the Plantain…I would gladly have paid $$$ for it, but it was free! Such a versatile and well-drafted pattern!

  4. AvatarMaria Shell

    Katie- I am doing the same thing right now. I have decided to only wear clothing I have made for all of 2016. I have wanted to do this for a while, and I kept thinking I would get all of my clothes ready first, but where is the fun in that? So, I am just going for it. I am not ready to stitch jeans, so I have been experiementing with trousers like this. Your version is awesome, and I think I will make a pair today! You inspire me with every blog post.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Great challenge, good luck, and great idea to just dive in – you’ll very quickly identify what you really need to make I’m sure.

  5. AvatarSara

    I love the pants. Based on your inspiration pins, it looks like you have the width right but could stand to shorten the inseam by an inch or two. I used to live in some pants like these before skinny jeans took over my wardrobe and the world. I think it’s time I revisit my old love. Thanks!

  6. AvatarBella

    Really stylish! I love both items and they look great paired with those shoes. Good quality plain fabrics are really worth collecting, I often find them more useful than the myriad of prints I’ve collected over time. You’re inspiring me to make some stylish basics too.

  7. AvatarShannon P

    I love to sew wardrobe basics. For me it usually means a lot of t-shirts, leggings, camisoles, and underwear. Comfy clothes are the best. I love to have those shirts in my closet that make me feel good about myself even when I am feeling crummy!

  8. AvatarHeather

    Katie I love your style! I think this is the perfect everyday outfit! Your plantain fits so well!! I love the changes and the trousers are fantastic!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! I’m always a bit wary of blogging ‘boring’ stuff like this, but it’s certainly everyday and wearable.

  9. AvatarNilla

    I hear you on the basic stuff! Before blogging all I sewed was party dresses, but it makes so much sense to sew what you wear the most. Great outfit!

  10. AvatarAlaina

    Perfect basics. I have trouble getting the motivation up to make things like these, but once I do it, I wear them constantly. I have a Jasmin Tee that I wear to death, and it was supposed to just be a wearable muslin!

  11. AvatarJana

    This is just the kind of basics loungewear I’ve been looking for! Something soft and lovely but still put together. Do you have a link for the tee fabric?

  12. AvatarPam B

    I love the shirt! I’ve just recently gotten into sewing knits! I got a serger for christmas and already chipped the blades so much that they need to be replaced…. I have a serger class on my schedule for May. Anyway, I’m supposed to get the new blades this week and I’m planning to make this shirt. PS: this is my first comment on your blog. I just came across it a few weeks ago. I love pretty much everything you make :)

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