My sewing studio


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8 thoughts on “My sewing studio

  1. AvatarSusan

    You were quite busy in 2014!
    Posting pictures of all your work together is such a nice idea – to look back and see what you did in one year….
    You can be proud !
    Thanks for sharing

  2. AvatarBridey

    Hello Katie

    I have enjoyed following your Instagram for a while and have just got round to visiting your website. I especially like this page, it seems like you have the perfect balance between variety and a clearly distinct style. I only started sewing again last year after a spell as a teenager and have found that I have gone a bit crazy with patterns and colours in the excitement of it all. You have totally inspired me that realistic need not mean plain!
    Keep it up, I have really enjoyed seeing your adventures in sewing :)

  3. AvatarED Marchand


    My name is ED I’m in Ft laud Fl. I grew-up in NYC, my mother has been sewing since before I was born, she was a Fore lady at a sewing factory that was located in W 28 st NYC.

    My mother and I set up a sewing factory in the Bronx and we did very well till the sewing industry went to the Far East and south America. My point: my mother has a large-box full of very-old or vintage sewing patterns( going back to the 50’s 60’s) that perhaps you could use. Please let me know, since I need to retire these patterns. I was thinking of donating them to a local design school located here in So. Florida. Please let me know. ED Marchand

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      ED, what an interesting story. I would love the patterns but it’d be considerable cost to send them to the UK, so I think donating them to the local school would be best. Thanks for your message!

  4. AvatarMie

    Wow, this overview post is GENIUS. I might just steal your idea ;-) I absolutely love your style. I can see that we are both StyleArc and Named fans. :-)

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