Sewing room rejig

I last shared my sewing space back in 2015. Nothing has massively changed but between Christmas and the new year we had a clear-out, reshuffle and redecorate so I thought I’d take some new photos!

The most noticeable change perhaps is my new greeeeen wall (even though it looks more blue in the photos for some reason). This was quite a rash decision and I didn’t even sample the colour or anything; luckily I like it and it only took a few hours to paint. I may take my project photos in here from now on as the light is really nice in this room, so expect to see plenty more of it soon.

The plywood desk and shelving unit I had made back in 2015 are still holding up well. I painted the backboards of the shelves white as they always looked quite overbearing in the ply; they blend much better into the wall now. I’ve moved my fabric into a separate unit as having stuff boxed away looks tidier up here. The lower shelves hold frequently needed stuff like interfacing and machine feet, and up top is lesser used stuff like quilt batting. My PDF patterns are stored as before in Muji divider files.

The deep compartmented drawers I designed for the desk are so useful for all those bits and pieces you need on hand: chalk, safety pins, fastenings and so on. I also kept my trusty sewer’s friend the Ikea Raskog trolley to store bulkier things like threads and pressing hams. The clip LED light is useful for detail work, especially as my overlocker light is blown and I don’t know how to change it, ha ha.

The other larger thing we changed is moving the trundle bed we used to have here into the other spare room and making this a joint ‘hobby room’ for Josh and me. Josh homebrews so he needs a lot of kit as well, which is in this chest and tucked to the other side of it – there’s an ugly but necessary black fridge and a load of unphotogenic demijohns, ha. Still there’s more floor space now which is really useful for cutting out large projects.

I had this little unit already, it stored books before but it’s the perfect width to store fabric. Each length is wrapped around a comic book board to keep it tidy. The lower shelves hold scraps, PDF overflow and back issues of my beloved Threads magazine.

I’m really pleased with how the little refresh turned out, it’s already motivating me to sew more! The days are slowly getting longer and brighter as well so hoping I can get back into taking project photos as it’s been ages since I shared anything. It’s been so long that WordPress’s post editor has changed which is taking some getting used to, anyone else finding it a bit difficult?! Hope you liked seeing my room anyway and ask if you have any questions!

Desk and shelves: made locally
Paint colour: Leyland trade, mixed in-store (no name, sorry!)
White box shelves: Argos
Peg board: Block Design
Boxes: mostly old Ikea
PP storage drawers and files: Muji
Chest of drawers: Ikea
Rug: La Redoute
Wall art: Laurie Maun, Tom Abbiss Smith, Alex May Hughes & vintage
Trolley: Ikea

8 thoughts on “Sewing room rejig

  1. AvatarCatherine

    A timely visit, thank you
    I have a new sewing room (yes, thrilled) and soon get to start populating it. Spent the last two weekends sanding and painting a bookshelf which will provide the bulk of my storage.
    Can’t wait to play

  2. AvatarHarriet D

    Can I be cheeky and ask what colour you’ve used on your walls? I’m back looking for pretty much that one for my bedroom!

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