See it make it: soft cardi-biker


Anthroplogie moto jacket (no longer available) vs Tamaegi-kobo Peony zip-up cardigan pattern, 900yen (approx £5.30)

I just excitedly discovered the site of Tamaegi-kobo, a Japanese indie pattern company. You can download PDFs of all the patterns from the site, some have English instructions and some are free! I’ve downloaded the free twisted-seam jeans pattern for a start and have a few others in mind for purchase. I’ve just started on a soft biker-style jacket using a different pattern, but this cardi is definitely bookmarked for spring.

17 thoughts on “See it make it: soft cardi-biker

  1. Avatarlsaspacey

    Thanks for the link! I’ve downloaded some of their free patterns but would have never thought to look in the kids section to find those jeans! Hopefully, the alterations won’t be too extensive to fit me.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Ah, I didn’t realise they were for kids – I think it might kill me trying to alter them! I might go ahead and print the pattern pieces to see how they’re constructed, anyway.

      1. Avatarlsaspacey

        No, but the photo does show them on an adult woman, so…depending on how tall and curvy we are, there is hope. You gotta have hope for cute free jeans patterns, right?

  2. AvatarFabric Tragic

    How funny, I’ve just found out about this site too from one of my blog followers – some great stuff there. I’m in love with the funnel neck top/dress, and some of the shirts…

    1. AvatarFabric Tragic

      Ps how can you resist a pattern company that has a cat hammock pattern? So.damn.cute (although knowing my cat she’d refuse to sleep on anything I made for her, choosing instead my ironing basket)

  3. AvatarMarilla

    Hmmm, I’ve just had a look at the measurements on those jeans and unless I’m reading wrong the hips look really narrow! (Unless your hips are that small) They look great, but they may lead to a life of frustration with all the tweaking! The cardi looks a beaut! I’m currently going down the road of trying to draft my own jeans pattern (not a sane idea I know!) I’m making a wearable muslin of the Burda style jeans and they are a little snug for me, but I’ll finish them anyway and post some pics.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I only just realised they’re from the kids section, which explain the lack of hips! You’re right, it might be a tweak too far. I’m going to try the Burdas next time.

  4. AvatarGinger

    I’ve had this very pattern pinned for a while- it’s so cute! One of my friends who speaks Japanese introduced me to these patterns. They’re so cool! I hope you make this!

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