Allo allo! I haven’t had much time for either sewing or blogging lately, but I have been thinking about it a lot, as ever. At the weekend a bit of enforced-relaxation time meant I could get stuck into a nice project with a shiny new pattern.

Like a lot of the sewosphere I went totally heart-eyed for Named’s new spring collection, Playground. I bought two printed patterns pretty quickly: the Ansa butterfly dress/blouse and these, the Ronja dungarees. I loved the apron-style top, fitted waistline and on-trend cropped straight leg.

I cut a straight size 14/42 as I find Named quite narrow through the hips for my pear shape and wanted a comfortable fit through the waist. Overall this decision turned out well: there are double back and single front darts so they end up roomy through the hips and snug at the waist.

I think next time I will alter the shape of the bib piece a bit though. I feel like it’s quite skimpy, not wide enough across the top in particular, and almost like I need to FBA it – I’m not sure how I’d go about that! Looking at the picture below the back seems a little baggy, but a bit of ease is needed to be able to move and bend in them.

One key alteration I made was to swap the buttoned side fastenings for a simple centre-back invisible zip. I thought I’d prefer the more streamlined look and also fancied doing a technique I’ve got pretty good at than something new and potentially tricky, ha. I also made self-fabric straps rather than the ribbon the pattern calls for.

My fabric is a forest green brushed twill from Ditto that I’ve had in my stash since I went to their Brighton store for my birthday last year. Weight-wise I think it’s a good match but that peached finish does show every little dent and wrinkle. The pockets and bib are lined in lightweight cotton lawn (spot the leftover Liberty from my Sudley dress!).

The instructions are very clear and you’re left with a lovely clean finish inside. The waist is finished with facings which also hide the raw bib edges, and the pockets also have a facing before the lawn lining starts. Lovely little details which I’ve come to admire from Named. I reckon these will join my Roberts dungarees in regular rotation, and I also want to make another pair, perhaps in denim, to adjust the little fitting niggles I found.

23 thoughts on “Ronja-rees

  1. AvatarSaki

    Ah, these are on my to-make list, so I’m glad to see them sewn up so beautifully by another sewcialiat! I have made their Bly overalls before and had a similar issue with the front bib not feeling quite wide enough, but seeing it now multiple times in their patterns makes me think it might be intentional?

    Anyway, beautiful overalls, can’t wait to see your next version!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I think their model is just a bit less busty so it looks like more coverage on her. Easy fix to make anyway and not a deal-breaker!

  2. AvatarFiona

    Knocking it out of the park again Katie! These are so you!
    Love your choice to use an invisible zip instead of the buttons, I like the clean style. I actually really like the size of the bib and the skinny straps, they have a really interesting proportion combined with the shape of the trouser

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! The straps are growing on me – I also found I like them tied without being crossed over at the back.

  3. AvatarSarah Smith

    It’s got to the point I can safely say I love everything you make Katie and this is no exception! Love the contrasting lining and yeah, I’m with you on the zip!

  4. AvatarShauni S

    These look fab Katie! I had been initially drawn to this pattern, but a little put off by the potentially bulky and tricky-to-do button up sides, so I’m definitely looking at it in a new light now I’ve seen your alteration! Great idea :)

  5. AvatarJennifer

    I missed these until you mentioned them in the Ansa review. I love the matt monochrome look, maybe in part because I made them in a light color, but these look very easy to wear. I’m considering making them as a pant next, the waist facings are there, so it shouldn’t be an issue to omit the bib. The one thing about the side button openings that I didn’t realize until complete, is they allow me to get in and out without fussing with the straps–enough egress to duck my head in and to leave the bib on when partially undressing, ahem. Which I like because with the tie closure, I kind of want to get them right and be done for the day. Maybe a center back zip is the same.

  6. AvatarMaggie Lepine

    Did you use rings for the straps on the front of the bib? Or did you attach additional straps to the bib instead?

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I attached little loops of my main fabric to the top of the bibs and threaded/knotted the straps through them.

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