Reversible(ish) Raglan


Feel like I haven’t shared a finished item in a while, so here’s one that’s kind of two in one. Plenty of excuses for my absence: busy with work, three concurrent colds, the house is all dark because we have scaffolding up so picture-taking is tricky… hence apologies that these look a bit rubbish. Anyway this is just a quick overlocker project in between the precision stitching of Josh’s shirt (I do enjoy oscillating between the two): a light raglan sweater using the beautiful double-faced knit I bought in Mood.


Dixie DIY’s Hot Cocoa pattern is the basis, with some modifications that I already made on the pattern from last time: longer body, scooped neck, more ease in the sleeves. I also sliced across the top of the arm pieces and switched to the reverse side of the fabric for a contrast shoulder panel look. Really dig how this detail turned out.


I really wanted this top to be completely reversible to show off both sides of the lovely fabric and give me two different looks in one. And it does kinda work inside-out if you don’t mind the exposed overlocked seams look? I tried to be a little too clever at first and do some weird French/flat fell hybrid seams that I thought might be truly reversible. In theory it did kind of work, but I didn’t add the inch extra seam allowance required so the raglan lines got too tight. Might revisit the idea in the future when I have more foresight to forward plan.


The finishes are semi-reversible too. The neckline uses Megan Nielsen’s fold-over and twin-needle topstitch binding which I think gives a pretty nice RTW-inspired effect. For the sleeve hems I overlocked the outside edges then turned over the raw edge to the inside and topstitched so the rough edges are concealed inside. The bottom hem is simply rolled, although it went a bit wavy so I think I might forgo the reversability and do a twin-needled hem. A pretty basic make with some nice details = the kind of top I’ll wear all the time.

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