New machine: my Pfaff Ambition 630

I was lucky enough to get a new sewing machine for my birthday back in January and having used it for three months I thought I’d write up some thoughts in case others are in the market for a new machine. I decided to upgrade from my prior machine – the Janome DC3050, which I’d had since about 2009 – because it had a few annoying issues that couldn’t be fixed by my servicer and I wanted a few more advanced features. (My mum has taken it on extended loan for now!)

I didn’t do a huge amount of research but I think was instead gradually influenced by hearing bits and bobs about Pfaffs such as Manju’s review of the same machine and the fact that the New Craft House uses it for all their workshops. (I also bought my machine from NCH as they deal in Pfaff machines too.) The model’s called the Quilt Ambition 630, and not gonna lie, I was partially influenced to pick this over the 610 or 620 because of the lovely dark grey colourscheme alone.

Overall, my impressions of the machine now it’s been in use for a couple of months are really positive. I find that thanks to some of the enhanced features I can get an accurate and polished result without much effort and the overall operation of the machine is smooth and delightful.

Some of the features I particularly like are:

The feet it came with are useful and they and the throat plate has really clear markings on. I can edgestitch very accurately now! The working surface is large and the illumination is great; I can sew easily after dark now. Makes my old machine feel very cramped and dim by comparison.

The built-in ‘walking foot’ aka IDT system is fantastic. It’s a little arm that pulls down and clips onto the back of the presser foot to help the foot ‘walk’ over the fabric rather than drag it. Like a regular walking foot, but no need to bust a screwdriver out to attach it and much quieter to operate.

Winding a bobbin and threading up is really fast and has useful features like a thread cutter by the bobbin winder, a drop-in bobbin case, and a needle threader (which is actually easy to use!). And there are loads of stitches to explore which are handily set out on the lid and picked via the easy to navigate LED screen. I’ve used the built-in alphabet and buttonholes already and the mock-overlock is excellent and useful for finishing seams when I don’t feel like changing overlocker threads.

A few things that are less good or will take a bit more getting used to:
– I find the physical function buttons quite fiddly to use. The dark-grey-on-dark-grey is hard to see in my periphery while sewing; in particular the frequently-used reverse button is tucked away on a slant near the sewing area and as I sew standing up it’s hard to see/reach it while sewing in-flight. The start-stop button is nearby too and I’m scared I’ll hit that by accident one day and sew through my finger or something.
– The automatic tie-off feature is great but there’s no automated way to start a new line of stitching with a lock stitch or backstitch. My old machine had this feature and I really miss it!
– Weird one but all they grey areas are a rubberised finish and it smelled really bad when I first got the machine! It left a real plastic-y smell on my fingers too after handling it. It seems to be wearing off thankfully.

Finally, here’s a few stitch samples from recent projects:

Buttonhole and edgestitched pocket/hem on a chunky corduroy jacket I’ve just finished. I left the IDT system engaged for most of this project as it helps the foot glide over the bumpy, bulky surface.

Topstitched binding and hem using a zigzag stitch on a fine merino knit. Again, the IDT prevents the foot from dragging the fabric and causing it to stretch out.

So overall I love my new machine: I think it’s levelled-up my sewing a bit and made it much more enticing to get out of a sewing slump and start some new projects. I’d definitely recommend a Pfaff if you’re in the market!

11 thoughts on “New machine: my Pfaff Ambition 630

  1. AvatarKS Sews

    I was *this* close to jumping on a Performance 5.2 then found out it was discontinued. Unfortunately, I didn’t do additional research to learn that wouldn’t mean that it would no longer be supported! Doh! It was a really good price too!

    I saw a Janome MC that I really liked but still have that Pfaff experience stuck in my head :) We’ll see when the time comes.

    I LOVE the Pfaff design; so sleek! Enjoy your new machine!!

  2. AvatarAwfulknitter

    Don’t worry about sewing through your finger. I did that (had to pull a bit of broken needle out too) and it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. About as bad as shutting a door on your finger.

  3. AvatarEllen

    I’d love to know more about your standing sewing desk. I’ve never even thought of that, does it make it quicker to switch to ironing etc?

  4. AvatarSarah

    I have your old machine and I’m intrigued by this magic walking foot thing. I think either it needs some kind of adjustment or the DC3050 has a very stompy normal foot – I use my walking foot a _lot_, to the point where I’ve left it attached for long periods of time.
    Happy new machine!

  5. AvatarLeslie

    Hi there Katie, thank you, this was really interesting! I was wondering if you have a serger or overlocker, or do you sew your knits using a walking foot? My apologies if you’ve covered this elsewhere on your fabulous blog!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Hi! I do have a very old overlocker which I tend to use for knits, although I have sewn a couple of recent knits on the Pfaff using a simple zig zag stitch.

  6. AvatarMarty

    Katie, I bought the Ambition 620 in February. I was wondering, have you had any issues with raising and dropping the feed dogs on your machine?

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  8. AvatarRosemary

    Hi, I wonder if you can help.? I have recently purchased a Pfaff Ambition 630 and although happy with it I have a problem when I use the reverse. It leaves such a mangle of threads underneath which takes me an age to untangle. Any ideas of how I can remedy this?
    Many thanks

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Hi Rosemary, I actually have the same issue with mine and it’s quite annoying and can leave a bit of a mess when finishing a line of stitching with a backtack. I don’t have a solution unfortunately other than trying to sew with the right side up when possible.

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