Nenuphar, édition d’automne

I hate the period of the year from September to March. Hate, hate, hate everything about the darker, colder, sadder seasons. My weird form of resistance to this is dressing seasonally-inappropriately for as long as I can bear. However two rotten colds later I decided I did need a layering piece for over my jumpers when I cycle into work. (I’ll be reluctantly trading the bare ankles for knee socks and boots soon, too.)

I dug out the Lysimaque Nenuphar jacket again, which I made in lilac back in the spring. I love that little jacket and wore it loads in the warmer months, but the combination of the colour and cropped/shrunken shape means it isn’t great for colder weather knitwear layering. I had in mind that if lengthened and slightly oversized in an appropriately moodier fabric it’d make a similarly chuck-on-able autumn jacket. To that end, before cutting I lengthened the body pieces eight inches at the hem, graded up a size from waist to hip, and enlarged the width of the sleeves by an inch or so.

I had fun with pocket placement too! I placed the two large ones asymmetrically, added a little chest one, and added a matching one to the elbow of the opposite sleeve for lols, which you can’t see but it’s there and cute (I think I was inspired by CCP’s Sienna jacket). I adore how big these pockets are. They’ve already saved me on a supermarket trip when I forgot a reusable bag – I fitted a pot of houmous, a mini ciabatta, a block of Cheddar and a bottle of Lucozade in (see: I have a cold) and only felt slightly like a pack-horse.

I used this delightful and well-priced black sanded twill from Merchant & Mills. It’s got a slightly navy undertone and the slightly brushed/peached finish make it feel a little cosy, though it picks up lint like no-one’s business. Buttons are my usual favourites from Textile Garden. All the pocket topstitching turned out lovely and crisp and the collar was much easier to manoeuvre into place second time sewing.

I’m planning a real coat-coat for when it gets even colder (I’m envisioning a lengthened version of the Sienna in boiled wool), but I think this chap will see me through nicely for a couple of months and out the other side into early Spring… roll on, please…

3 thoughts on “Nenuphar, édition d’automne

  1. AvatarClaire Cooper

    The jacket looks amazing and I love the pockets. I’m so with you on hating the colder weather. I really hate between mid October and the end of December with a passion. To the point of depression. I know, I need to get a life, but no one really understands how awful and low it can be. I immerse my self in creative pursuits as a means of coping and last weeks holiday in the sun really helped too. Now coat sewing it must be.

  2. AvatarAnnieS

    The jacket looks fab-love everything about it but especially the pockets! I’m with you on hating the next six months with regard to weather-have just resorted to wearing socks! Boo! Adore M & M – luckily live close enough to visit frequently- can be a disadvantage as cannot possibly leave without making a purchase! Lol.

  3. AvatarColleen

    Love this. Such a good combination of workwear and personal quirk. Just the sort of autumnal jacket I like. I’ve been wearing the kishkas out of my M&M Ottoline for months and it’s proving quite resilient in windier weather but it’s only a matter of time before I suffer from bum-freeze.

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