My favourite UK eBay shops for fabric

Fabric shopping on eBay UK

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I find eBay can be a great source for those hard-to-find cool dress prints – for me that obviously means a nice geometric print in muted colours in a crepe or viscose, like I used for my Holly dress. eBay is a good place to turn to if you don’t want to spend too much and have a bit of time to trawl through lots of listings. However, I thought I’d help out by sharing my little black book of UK-based saved sellers, who generally offer a really good range of lots of my go-to prints and fabrics. Here we go:


Cheapest Fabrics UK – their bio claims “WE SPECIALISE IN PRINTS !!! PRINTS !!! PRINTS !!! AND MORE PRINTS !!!”, and I can’t argue with that. Chiffons, georgettes, viscose and knits.


Favourite Fabrics – Your best pal for cottons including quilting, lawns and some cutesy printed chambrays.


Kat’s Fabrics – A good source for Liberty Tana Lawns in largeish pre-cut lots. At roughly £30 for 3 metre cut it’s a good deal.


Neotrims – loads of trimmings and an impressive spectrum of rib knit trims, plus other plain knit fabrics like sweatshirting.


JK’s Fabrics – a wonderland of viscose prints, perfect for frocks!


The Fabric Company Ltd – another good one for viscose and jersey prints. My first Holly fabric is from here and it washes like a dream with zero wrinkles.


The Textile Centre – good for knits, especially florals, and a bit of other stuff like lace and scuba fabric.


The Trim Bay – super prices on zips, overlock thread, bias binding and all that fun stuff.


In Fashion Fabrics – I believe this is run by the same company as the Tissu Fabrics website (which has just had a nice facelift), and I’ve been very happy with the quality of their knits despite the low prices. A real go-to for plain and printed knits of all weights, swim fabrics and linings.


African Fabrics and Designs – does what it says on the tin, lots of lovely wax prints.

All photos yanked from the respective stores! Just to point out, I haven’t ordered from all of these stores so I can’t comment on quality or service from each one specifically. Also, I’m not being compensated at all for sharing the links – I just thought someone might find them useful. Always happy to enable fabric shopping :) Have you seen any you’d snap up?

17 thoughts on “My favourite UK eBay shops for fabric

  1. AvatarKaty

    Incredibly useful, hadn’t heard of any of these besides cheap fabric uk. Agree with the other comment, could be an expensive evening!

  2. AvatarBecky

    I recently topped up my stash with fabrics from The Textile Centre and I was really happy with the quality. They sent them out really quickly too. I will check out some of your other suggestions. Great post!

  3. Avatarmaeve

    Thanks this is very useful information. I usually get bamboozled on ebay so it’s great to be able to narrow down the searches. Could be bad for the credit card though!

  4. AvatarBeth

    Thanks a lot for this. It’s hard to whittle down what’s good and not so good on ebay so I will definitely visit these shops instead of trawling through the pages :)

  5. AvatarSuzie

    This is an amazing list of shops – thank you so much for sharing.
    But also damn you! Especially the link to the shop selling Liberty for about £10/m….I am going to be so broke now!

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  7. AvatarAlice

    I’ve come across this a little late, but better late than never! What a useful list – thank you very much for sharing it. I’m now off to spend a few quids…

  8. AvatarJulie J

    Just spotted the typos – can the moderator ignore my previous message? Thanks

    Can anyone recommend an eBay or online supplier of dressmaker quality faux suede – most i find sell faux suede for making cushions and car seats – I have a yearning to make a tan suede-look skirt with a centre pleat and patch pockets – I can see it in my head but can’t find the fabric.

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