Minimalafore + winter mood


Urgh! I’m really struggling with sewing motivation at the moment. It’s not for lack of inspiration: I’ve been pinning and sketching like crazy and have a list as long as my arm for things to make: a tie-waisted sweatshirt dress, another Helmi shirtdress, a minimal jumpsuit for layering, a party dress, a midi skirt, some wide-leg cord or velvet trousers…


I’ve even got the fabrics in my stash for most of these makes, but something always seems to block me from making a decision and getting something started.


I made this at the weekend just to console myself that I could still sew, and it turned out okay but I still feel pretty ‘meh’ about it.


It’s a moderate hack of the Marilla Walker Roberts pinafore dress. I used the base pattern but merged the front into one piece, cut away a little extra around the top sides, curved in the A-line shape into more of a cocoon/egg shape towards the hem, and sewed the straps straight onto the bodice with no fastenings for a more minimal look.


I also cut both the front and back with a centre seam (adding seam allowance) which let me leave a centre-front split. The fabric is a washed-black Cone Mills stretch denim. It went a bit crinkly and tie-dyed in the wash, but I’m sort of OK with it.

Anyone else in the top hemisphere feeling the seasonal downturn and struggling to find sew-motivation? I’m looking at the the Aussie bloggers wishing we were heading back into summer! Though I am off to Mexico for some sun in a few weeks, so I’m going to focus on that for now.

19 thoughts on “Minimalafore + winter mood

  1. AvatarBella

    I love your pinafore! Agree though that winter sewing is hard, I always struggle with it. Hope you can overcome the sewing slump soon enough.

  2. AvatarSteely Seamstress

    Too right – sewing in winter is hard. I’ve been peering at rolled hems all evening and I can hardly see what I’m doing. Plus, I’m making something that I probably won’t wear for months as it is a lightweight piece and it is so cold at the moment. Sigh! I hope you get your sewing mojo back soon. That trip to Mexico sounds lovely.

  3. AvatarInes

    This pinafore is cute! I love it! Congratulations! I love the straps and the cocoon shape gives to it a different touch, good idea!

    I am working now in one more classical than yours but I think it will work. Black corduroy… So sad… But this is winter I am afraid! I agree with you… Summer…come back!!

  4. AvatarSam

    I love the things you’ve been Pinning and sketching. This time of year is hard sewing wise. I love Autumn and cold crisp Winter days, but rain and wind, yuck! Winter sewing projects always seem much “bigger” to me, great if you really want to get your teeth into something, not so good if you’re struggling with motivation.
    I’d say pick the simplest project that you have planned and your nicest fabric and ease yourself back into it with something that you really want to wear.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Yes that’s very true, sewing a little summer dress has far fewer barriers! Great idea to keep it simple and use lovely fabrics for inspiration.

      1. AvatarJennifer

        Katie, look at Drops yarn on Wool Warehouse’s site and elsewhere. Its very reasonably priced and often reduced even further, and I can vouch for the quality of the several types I’ve used so far.

  5. AvatarFabric Tragic

    Mexico sounds pretty fab – we’ve had the worst spring for over 50 years down here. Last week I was in my full winter woollies. Ghastly! On the subject of weird crease marks in denim – so frustrating! I’ve been told not to wash in detergent – have you ever heard that?

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Oh dear, hope it clears up soon. Mexico should be nice and warm. No I haven’t heard that but I will heed it in the future!

  6. AvatarTrish

    Lack of light is a big factor, and warmth. How to buy fabric that is warm enough to wear, suitable for winter, won’t break the bank etc. These all make winter sewing more precarious. I’ve had a break but am also desperate to get motivated for some winter sewing.

  7. Avatarlenelein

    Your pinnafore is really cut, it looks almost like skandinavian design! Seems like the black baggy dress is very much on vogue this year! Maybe if you see more people in the same style, you will like it better? Sometimes it takes me a little while to get used to new trends before I like them on myself…

  8. AvatarJennifer

    I LOVE this hack and will try something similar myself now I’ve seen what you’ve done! I too struggle in the winter, what with the lack of light – glad I’m not alone! Wide leg velvet trousers sound stunning and a sweatshirt dress would be so cosy!

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