Midi Inari

After the Coat project saga, I really wanted a nice palate cleanser, and this dress fitted the bill perfectly!

I’ve been Pinning lots of midi dresses lately as they seem like just the thing to wear on these in-betweeny not-quite-spring-yet sort of days. It’s a super simple hack of Named’s Inari dress. I added 30cm of length at the hem (in fact I just taped a piece of portrait-wise A4 paper to the bottom, heh) and ended up taking a deep hem, so it’s around 20cm longer than the Inari as patterned.

I fine-tune the fit of the Inari each time I make it and for this knit fabric I ended up taking one-inch seam allowances to bring it in a bit. It’s still loose through the middle and tighter at the hip and hem. I made the side split proportionally longer too.

The awesommmeeee fabric is from Maud’s Fabric Finds, one of my favourite places to shop because most of the fabrics are organic and the customer service is so great. (Maud found out this fabric was narrower than expected after my order, so she added another 70cm for free.) This print seems to be sold out but here are some similar ones. It’s between an interlock and sweatshirting weight so quite thick with lots of stretch and recovery. And pyjama-comfortable, needless to say. I think this’ll be on regular rotation until Autumn.

11 thoughts on “Midi Inari

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    I love your Inari! I’m discovering the beauty of adjusting these type of simple patterns to what I want – they become like personal blocks that you can play with to your heart’s content :) I’ve been working with the Farrow Dress by Grainline – doing an FBA meant adding darts – french and armscye – an all-in-one facing which is my favourite finish on a sleeveless top and dress…and I’m still playing with it. So much fun!

    1. Katie Post author

      Yes, now I have this adjusted Inari pattern to fit (and finished to your preference) it can be the basis for all sorts of hacks. I love an all in one facing too.

  2. Chapchild

    Love it! I did the same tweak and lengthened my second Inari dress. LOVE IT longer — just more my style. I also added pockets (in seam ) which is also a great modification. Love having a place to put thjfs including my hands !

  3. Estelle

    Hi Katie, I am spending plenty of time admiring your sewing so much easier than beginning my own but that is another story. I love your style and by the way, I think your little lavender pumps are also very very cute!

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