Me-Made May Week 4


Hola! This week’s MMM comes to you from beautiful Quito, Ecuador, where I spent all week on a blogging press trip – in fact, I’m posting this from the airport while waiting for my flight home. Packing for this trip was quite a challenge as I had no idea what the weather would be like at the tail-end of the rainy season. Turned out it was much hotter than I expected, and I did kid of run out of appropriate me-mades – but I stuck with it anyway! Here’s my jet-set week of outfits… the backdrops this week beat my messy bedroom, eh?

Me-Made May

May 19th
Me-made: Elizabeth top
Other: Gap chinos, espadrilles from Tel Aviv
Comments: First day here, exploring Quito’s beautiful old town – it was HOT! I was too warm in these long pants, but the Elizabeth was nice and cool. The crossover front is tucked in a bit awkwardly here as it was breezy up on this vantage point. These pants are on my ‘to copy’ list as I wear them tons in spring/summer and looking at this photo I think they’re quite slimming on the hips (no pleats); I’ve bought the Named Alpi Chinos pattern for this purpose.

Me-Made May

May 20th
Me-made: Feather sleeveless Hemlock
Other: Gap jeans, scarf was a gift.
Comments: Sporting some nice sunburn, care of that heat yesterday. It was a bit cooler today, especially as we took a trip to 4,100m above sea level in a cable car, which was as spectacular as it sounds. This photo is taken on the Panecillo with views over Quito in the valley behind. You can barely see my top; it’s the same one I’m wearing here.

Me-Made May

May 21st
Me-made: Burda 7017 trousers
Other: Cos tee & necklace, vintage shoes
Comments: At the official middle of the earth, with one foot in each hemisphere. My me-mades really are seeing the world! These have gone a bit baggy unfortunately, I might take them in as I love them otherwise.

Me-Made May

May 22nd
Me-made: Self-drafted smock dress
Other: ASOS leggings, Cos necklace
Comments: Had no photographer/guide today so a selfie in my rather nutty trompe l’oeil hotel room. Second outing for this dress; I was too warm in leggings scampering round the new town, but it’s too short without and I felt like wearing it anyway. Check the tan coming along! As you can see by the desk, I bought some edible souvenirs and caught up on blogging today.

Me-Made May

May 23rd
Me-made: Tee dress
Other: Necklace handmade in Salinas
Comments: Today was an epic train ride between the northern towns of Ibarra and Salinas; stunning scenery along the way and Salinas is as pretty as a film set. I actually dressed weather-appropriately for once – it was hot hot hot! I bought the lovely necklace from a shop in Salinas where everything in made in the community.

Me-Made May

May 24th
Me-made: Polka dot jeans
Other: Topshop tee, Salinas necklace
Comments: Run out of warm-weather me-mades in my suitcase and was far too hot in these jeans. I would have preferred to wear some RTW shorts, but I couldn’t fail the MMM challenge at such a late date. The spray from the beautiful Peguche waterfall behind me cooled me off a bit! We also visited the amazing Otavalo market.

Me-Made May

May 25th
Me-made: Franken-Anna
Comments: Last morning in Ecuador :( Just time for breakfast and a quick walk in the sun to say goodbye to this beautiful country. I changed into some sweats and a me-made grey raglan tee for the journey home.

I’m really pleased I was able to keep up with Me-Made May while away, even though I did have to adapt what I’d be most comfortable in at times – wish I’d brought more me-made shorts and t-shirts. Just a few days of MMM left now! If you’re interested in what else I got up to in Quito I’ll be writing about it all on my other blog – and I also have a fabric shopping post for here…

15 thoughts on “Me-Made May Week 4

  1. AvatarCaroline Joynson

    Wow you had a great adventure and its very impressive that you continued with MMM whilst on a work business trip. I love your dress on the last day and I definately need to make some of my own shorts too. I have the Grainline Maritime PDF cut out – just need the right fabric to come along.
    I had a job interview in week two of MMM and some of my first thoughts were ‘what can I wear for the interview that I’ve made myself’…. I didn’t realise how obsessed I would become?!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I made some Burda shorts ages ago, but they’re a bit too poorly made to be seen outdoors! Just got the Named Alpi chinos/shorts to try next.

  2. AvatarCirque Du Bebe

    I am mighty impressed with the functionality of your hand-made closet and totally jealous of your little sojourn in South America. All the pieces are seriously awesome on their own, nothing is too OTT and obviously it all works together! Very inspiring. The polka pants are my favs.

  3. Avatarliloo-looli

    I really like your nice outfits !
    And Ecuador seems to be a very beautiful country ! I will add it to my “travel list” !
    Just have to find a better paid job ^^
    Now, I will visit your other blog !
    Thanks very much for your great posts !

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