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Hi! My #MMM roundup is a day early this week as I’m flying to Quito, Ecuador, in the middle of the night tonight (on a press trip for my other blog)! I hope to keep up with #MMM while I’m out there, though I have no idea what the weather will be like – it’s at the end of their rainy season with temperatures hovering at 17-19C, so quite similar to home I’m assuming. I’ve packed everything from shorts to a raincoat, so hope I manage to keep up.

This week has been a bit mad with work and evenings out as well as gearing up for my trip, and I feel like it came through a bit in my outfit choices: they don’t seem as cohesive as in previous weeks. I was feeling in need of some breathing space today so cancelled all my plans, even including the epic #NYLon sewing meetup (so you know it’s SERIOUS). I’ve managed to do a bit of sewing as well as packing and tying up some loose ends so it’s been nice despite the feeling of FOMO.

Anyway, here’s what I wore last week…

Me-Made May '14

May 12th
Me-made: Stag Belladone
Other: Primark tights, ASOS shoes, forever21 cardigan
Comments: This frock hasn’t seen many outings; it’s really a summer dress but I wore it even though it was bucketing with rain. I dressed down the rather outlandish print with a cardi and dark tights. Still I felt like people were looking at me more than usual – especially children when I walked past a primary school! – but that might have been in my head. I felt good in it anyway and hope I can keep it in rotation after MMM. The main reason I wore it is we threw a surprise Spoolettes ‘hen do’ for Roisin, so we were all wearing our Dolly Clackett-inspired finest in her honour. Super fun night, though a bit too much booze for a Monday!

Me-Made May '14

May 13th
Me-made: Lace Coco
Other: Gap jeans, Primark boots
Comments: Feeling a bit delicate after last night, so an easy, comfy outfit.

Me-Made May

May 14th
Me-made: Rose jeans, Julia Cardigan
Other: Gap tee, Dorothy Perkins necklace, Next loafers
Comments: Thank gawd I made a lot of jeans, they’re keeping me afloat in MMM. Actually saw some sun today, but it was another 7am start so quite a boring outfit.

Me-Made May

May 15th
Me-made: Vintage Roses dress
Other: ASOS shoes
Comments: Finally the rain has buggered off and it’s got warmer here – though I confess I chickened out and put on some tights on those pasty legs after taking this photo just in case in turned again. I was at work, and in the evening went for a fancy dinner with Josh – good comfy yet smart frock to take me through the day.

Me-Made May

May 16th
Me-made: Knit skirt (unblogged, self-drafted)
Other: BDG tee, very old sandals, Cos necklace
Comments: Still sunny = bare legs out for real this time. This skirt is just a quarter circle with elastic waistband, made from a Rolls n Rems remnant. It looks weirdly similar to a skirt Andrea made recently! Quick and cheap win, must make more of them.

Me-Made May

May 17th
Me-made: Burda 07/2011 pants
Other: forever21 tee
Comments: Sulking that I’m missing #NyLon, but packing for Ecuador and doing lifeadmin at home in a slobby outfit. I’ve got another comfy me-made outfit picked out for the long plane ride tomorrow but not sure I’ll get a chance to photograph it. See you on the other side! I’m off to Google to fabric shop situation in Quito…

14 thoughts on “Me-Made May Week 3

  1. AvatarElena

    Such cute outfits! And oh how I love your stag Belladone. I wish I’d bought some of that fabric when I had the chance – can’t seem to find it anywhere now! V sorry you couldn’t made it to the meet-up, looking forward to meeting one day!

  2. AvatarMarilla

    So sad you missed today! I dragged myself and baby girl along and it was so nice to meet people, but no hello to you :-( oh well you can’t do everything and it sounds like you have got a lot on! Have a great hols and I love your Burda pants today. Very comfy looking! Other blog is amazing BTW, I don’t know how you manage all these things!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Ah now I have remorse at missing out on meeting people! Never mind, I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities. Yes it keeps me busy :)

  3. AvatarBella

    I think that out of just about everyone, your me-made outfits seem the most useful for everyday life. I.e. Jeans and knit tops and dresses. And you always look great, with such a strong sense of your own personal style. At least, that’s how it appears to me! It’s inspiring! Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. AvatarKaty

    Your outfits are so wearable! I love all the trousers you make – I really need to pluck up the courage to make some.

    Such a shame you couldn’t make the meet up, hope to meet you another time :) but have a fantastic time on your trip!

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