Me-Made May week 2

mmm week 2

Evening! How are we all getting on with #MMM14? Time to share my second week of outfits. This was a pretty nuts week for me – I was really busy with work, diving back into an in-house contract for the first time in ages and also having to get up super early and commute out of town for a few days, which was an unexpected jolt to the system. I’ve also had more than usual evenings out, plus there was bizarre weather to deal with (days of rain, sun, back to rain again) which made outfit planning a challenge at times. But I did manage to stick to wearing at least one me-made a day; here’s my week in outfits…

Me-Made May '14

May 5th
Me-made: Smock dress (unblogged, self-drafted)
Other: American Apparel tights, ASOS shoes & bag, Urban Outfitters necklace
Comments: This dress was a recent practice at rubibing-off of one of my favourite RTW dresses – it worked so well I’m more than happy wearing the test. I’ll blog about the drafting process if anyone’s interested. On this bank holiday Monday I did some work at home then went to meet my sister for a late lunch in the sun. Apart from the rather short and billowy frock getting embarrassingly blown about in the breeze, I felt v good in this.

Me-Made May '14

May 6th
Me-made: Tulip Scout, Sandra jeans
Other: H&M tank underneath, vintage shoes, ASOS bag, Comfort Station necklace
Comments: Dug out my first pair of jeans for first day in a new contract job. More comfortable and well-fitting now than when I first made them which is good. Love for my silk Scout still going strong.

Me-Made May '14

May 7th
Me-made: Tilly Buttons Mimi blouse
Other: Primark cardigan, forever21 jeans, vintage shoes, Oh My Clumsy Heart necklace
Comments: Had a 7am start (hence dark photo taken in the evening to avoid waking boyfriend) and would usually cocoon myself in something oversized and black for such an occasion. But it was Tilly’s book launch party in the evening, so I just had to wear my LAFS Mimi. Actually I think wearing sunny yellow lifted my mood, and I felt really good in this, even though it’s a little out of my usual style (ie, an actual colour). Better pics & more details on Mimi coming soon.

Me-Made May '14

May 8th
Me-made: Julia Cardigan
Other: Gap jeans, Dr Denim top, Datter necklace
Comments: Ugh, I look scruffy. Another long day so a lazy outfit. I was comfortable but felt a bit slobby overall. After work I met Kathryn for an evening of tea-tasting and hologram ballet (yes, really) at Kew Gardens which was lovely, and the wool Julia kept me nice and warm.

Me-Made May '14

May 9th
Me-made: Dot jeans, reversible raglan
Other: Madewell cardigan, River Island boots, Cos necklace
Comments: Tired and wanting this week to be over = lazy grey-zy outfit. The jeans have stretched out a bit which makes them a better fit now! Look at the sole literally hanging off my shoes – this is what happens when I no longer clothes-shop; I wear my RTWs until they actually fall apart.

Me-Made May '14

May 10th
Me-made: Twill trousers
Other: Cos tee, Next loafers, vintage pewter belt, Oh My Clumsy Heart necklace
Comments: This is very similar to my Day 1 outfit, just with shinier accents and the pants rolled down. I didn’t actually get dressed until mid-afternoon, after a morning of doing lifeadmin tasks at home. Ventured out in the evening to a chilli festival (yum) – got utterly soaked on the way but luckily the rest of the evening was pleasant.

Me-made May '14

May 11th
Me-made: Liberty print Zippy Dress
Other: American Apparel tights, ASOS shoes, forever21 cardigan, Datter necklace
Comments: Another new make on my ‘to photograph’ list. It’s a Zippy Top dress hack using Liberty lawn I bought from Shaukat. Basically in love with it, from the fabric to the fit to the care I took over the construction. It only could have done with a skirt slip as lawn is a devil for crumpling and sticking to tights, otherwise it’s a winner. I went to meet my family for lunch for my dad’s 65th birthday, which was really nice but another early start and more trains, so I’m pretty knackered now and not relishing jumping into another week of work just yet.

Despite the challenges of work and weather, I’m pleased I muddled through this week with some decent outfits under my belt. Next week is the last one before I spend a week in Ecuador, which is where the challenging part REALLY begins…

19 thoughts on “Me-Made May week 2

  1. AvatarCaroline Joynson

    Wow loving the sound of Ecuador – Let the challenge commence….
    Another selection of great outfits here Katie. Such a beautiful range of muted shades in your wardrobe punctuated with the pop of mustard yellow (which looks great on you btw). When I compare my MMM garments to yours I feel my me-mades veer from one gorgeous pattern / bright colour to the next in a slightly bi-polar fashion. One of my aims of the MMM process is to identify what I need to make next and how to streamline my existing me-mades to compliment my wardrobe better. Its going to be a loooong slog – but luckily an enjoyable one.
    Love the new Liberty print pencil shavings dress – being an Art teacher I think I need that print in my collection…..

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! I’m kind of impressed at myself that everything’s looking so cohesive to be honest.
      I think you definitely need the pencils print, yes…

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I have, actually! I’ve got some more mustard knit for a t-shirt, and I’m wearing a bright dress today too.

  2. AvatarFabric Tragic

    I agree with Caroline – your colour choices are so complimentary! And despite the mustard being ‘a colour’ as you say, it’s muted and fits with the rest of your wardrobe palette very well. Another great week!

  3. AvatarCharlotte

    I LOVE your smock dress. All the outfits look great. Your mimi is lovely, I am halfway through a pink mimi right now. I would have been finished but I reluctantly did housework instead…:(

  4. AvatarBella

    Love all your outfits but especially the pencil shavings dress! That print looks seriously cool as a dress, and you’re right the colours are really nice. A blog post on your rub-off dress would be awesome. It’s the sleeves where rub offs get confusing for me.

  5. AvatarScruffy badger

    I’m enjoying the me made window into everyone’s world! And your me made styling is great ! But a big thanks for the reference to the Julia cardigan….looks awesome. I must have missed that the first time around, but I’ve gone and bought it now!

  6. AvatarVairë Gwîr

    I discovered your blog recently and it has become a favourite. I totally love your style! So comfy and wearable. I’m following!

  7. AvatarMarilla

    I love the little smock dresses and the shavings print. I’ve also had a MMM wardrobe malfunction, but that was due to my jacket lining clinging to my skirt, forcing the hem to ride up, not the blowy wind. I finally realised when I was almost home!!! Very embarrassing! Have a fun holiday MMM!

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