Me-Made May Week 1

me-made May week 1

I’m plumping for Sundays for my #MMM14 weekly roundups – easier to find the time to put the post together! I thought I’d jot down some extra notes about what I did each day and how I felt in the outfit (specifically the handmade bit of it): its practicality, comfort and style factor. So here are my outfits for the four days this week:

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 1st
Me-made: Black twill trousers (not blogged yet)
Other: H&M tee, ASOS shoes, belt and necklace unknown (Not pictured: Anthropologie soft biker, ASOS bag)
Comments: love the colours and silhouette here, but it ended up entirely inappropriate for the non-stop rainy weather. I had an early meeting for a new freelance gig (which I got!) and confess I changed when I got home as I was soaked and cold. The pants are another successful pair of Burda 7017s which I’ll blog about soon.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 2nd
Me-made: Polka dot skinny jeans
Other: Primark tee, Anthropologie soft biker, ASOS bag, Cos necklace
Comments: Felt pretty good and comfortable in this; I went to a meeting and food shopping, then got rained on again. Need to make more tops like this to ease my Primark jersey tee habit.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 3rd
Me-made: Zippy top, wool jersey cardigan
Other: Gap jeans, ASOS loafers, Datter necklace
Comments: Pretty much a usual/ideal day outfit for me. I had a bit of a walk and did a hand-lettering class in a nearby art shop. Then came home and sewed :) The top is a See Kate Sew Zippy top, which I’ve basically been making a billion of lately: I have a roundup post with more details coming soon.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 4th
Me-made: Viscose jersey (non)Zippy Top
Other: H&M lounge pants, Cos necklane
Comments: Home day: sewing, blogging and catching up with work. Might throw on some real trousers and take a walk in a bit. The tee is another Zippy – told you I was into this pattern lately. My sister bought me the pants saying ‘I know you could make these, but thought you’d like them’. I do!

This has been fun so far and is going well, bring on next week…

16 thoughts on “Me-Made May Week 1

  1. AvatarCaroline Joynson

    A great round up. It actually such an eye-opener recording what you wear to see the gaps in your home-sewn wardrobe and plan for addressing that.
    Your colour palette is very co-ordinated which is something I need to work on – although in the first few days this May I seem to have worn pretty much the same shades / colour combos as well. Things will change next week I imagine as I will need to get more inventive with my home-made garment pairings.
    Looking forward to next week’s entry.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Totally, I’ve been quickly sewing lots of plain tops which I seem to be deficient in. I only really wear neutrals which makes matching easy ;)

  2. AvatarKaty

    You’re outfits are lovely and very coordinated. I think I need to work on having a coordinated wardrobe!.I’ve enjoyed my first me made May week, it’s such an eye opener into what I actually like to wear versus what I make.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! Been working on choosing fabrics from a limited colour palette lately which really helps with cohesion. Makes it easier to mix and match outfits :)

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thank you! That’s what I aim for, nice to see it’s working in the eyes of others. Love your makes…

  3. AvatarCarrie

    What a great first week! It’s really inspiring to see how you work the simple color palette so wonderfully (to echo what others have already said)! I’ve been leaning to neutrals much more lately, especially when sewing so I always love seeing how you style your clothes! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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