Marilla’s Roberts set

Roberts dungarees

Really excited to share these! They’re probably my favourite thing I’ve made recently and an admittedly rather surprising wardrobe hit. They are my tester version of the dungarees from Marilla Walker’s amazing new capsule pattern collection, the Roberts Set, which you can buy here.

Roberts set

I should say off the bat that these were made from the tester pattern and Marilla made quite a few changes to the pattern based on our feedback, so don’t count on these pics for the final fit or styling details. Although actually a few of the tweaks I suggested and implemented into my test version (such as adding buttons to the straps) made it into the final pattern, so it’s actually not that far off! The final pattern has additional side waist buttons and a slightly slimmer fit all over.

Roberts dungarees

You can always expect a good blend of interesting-yet-accessible construction techniques from Marilla’s patterns that leads to a satisfying clean finish inside and out. The front and back bodice are both faced (I’m enjoying having Liberty lawn tiny dancers inside my top) and the outer leg seam is French seamed, leaving just a few other seams to finish by overlocking or zigzagging.

Roberts dungarees

I used a soft black cotton poplin to make these up and I absolutely love the result. To be honest, before I made dungarees I was not at all convinced that I would actually wear them day to day. But I think by making them in basic black in such a comfortable fabric they have become a surprise wardrobe staple. I’ve worn them several times both to work and at weekends, and they’ve earned more unprompted compliments than anything else I’ve made. Even Josh thinks they’re cute which I wasn’t expecting. I’m definitely going to make up a second pair from the final pattern, perhaps in a yarn-dyed check from my stash for Ace & Jig vibes.

Roberts top

I also tested the standalone top from the set, which is designed to be worn under the dungarees (though I prefer a knit t-shirt under it) and echoes the back shaping with seam detailing. You can see the true test version in mustard yellow rayon on my jeans post, but I made this one up soon after using the button-up view and some dreamy rayon silk from Miss Matatabi.

Roberts top

I left the seam detailing off this one and cut the back as a single piece. The fit is amazing; it’s totally my favourite top at the moment and this is definitely now my go-to woven top pattern. I can see a zillion variations in my future. And if that wasn’t enough, remember there’s a dungaree dress and a jumpsuit included in the bundle too! For me at least, it could well be the foundation for a capsule wardrobe all in one tidy package. I’m looking forward to printing out the final copy of the entire pattern, and the jumpsuit is definitely next on the sewing table.

25 thoughts on “Marilla’s Roberts set

  1. AvatarBella

    It’s great to see your version! I tested View C and like you really can’t wait to make up the finished pattern. You’ve got me thinking about making the dungarees for sure.

  2. AvatarMeg

    These look great! I love the triangle seaming on the back.

    I just bought the pattern… I think I’ll start with the top for myself, then ease into the jumpsuit. My mom has a thing for overalls/dungarees, so I may make her a pair for her birthday.

  3. AvatarKatie

    You are totally rocking these pieces!! I haven’t really been tempted by a dungaree pattern before – but this is seriously cute! And the top is such a great, yet simple fit. Awesome!

  4. AvatarCaroline

    I love these dungarees – so practical, versatile and they look great too! I admire Marilla’s designs/style – I am making her Sailor top at the moment. I must buy The Roberts pattern as its a super capsule wardrobe in one pattern!

  5. AvatarCamilla

    Love your dungarees. So stylish and cute. Marilla’s pattern is fantastic, you’re spoilt for choice on what to make. I’d like to try making them in a soft needlecord, chambray and linen.

  6. AvatarLisa G

    Man, I haven’t worn a pair of overalls since I was a teenager… It’s not a style I’ve been tempted to go back to, but yours are seriously cute! I especially like the blouse though, the shape is really great.

  7. AvatarHannah F

    Your version of the dungarees looks so great! It is surprising how well they fit into your wardrobe isn’t it. Love your top too, the fabric is a perfect fit for it :)

  8. AvatarLana

    I seriously love the button up version of the top! I had the Colette Aster earmarked after seeing your kimono sleeve version, but this one looks great too. I probably wouldn’t make the dungarees, although they look very cute on you! Hmm, now I don’t know which pattern to buy…

  9. AvatarLizzy

    I’m not a huge fan of dungarees/overalls but I do like the versions I’ve seen on this pattern. It’s got a clean, modern feel to it.
    That said I still vividly remember walking out my front door – which had a giant step down… and my dungarees strap got caught on the door handle as I stepped down & found myself dangling front to front door in a very unexpectedly and abrupt fashion!!!

  10. AvatarHeather

    I was drooling over your top in your jeans post – I love that fabric! And your dungarees are really cute! I love the skinny straps and they must be so comfy in the poplin. You’re swaying me…

  11. AvatarElie

    I love the dungarees! I’ve been planning to make a pair for a while now in some distressed denim, but I love your black pair. Great fabric choice, as always :)

  12. AvatarAlessa

    What a cute top, I love the fabric you used! The dungarees really do look amazingly wearable. I think I wore my last pair when I was about ten, but these have a cute and slightly hipster look that fits you really well. :)

  13. AvatarTor

    Your dungarees are so wonderful!! I’ve bought the collection but have yet to download – may I ask, I can’t see the button version in the pattern collection for the super blouse you made – did you just use the top half of the jumpsuit rather than the blouse pattern? Thank you!

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