M7445 the second and third

I just made my third pair of McCall 7445 pants, so thought I’d bundle in pair 2 that never got blogged because I love em a lot and it might be interesting to see versions in quite different fabrics. Here’s pair one in needlecord, by the way still much loved and worn.

McCall 7445 is such a great pattern! It’s a Melissa Palmer design and includes extra large seam allowances, a sheet of fitting tips, and a construction that lets you check and tune the fit as you go. Even though I’ve made it three times I still baste and try on as I go because different fabrics can fit differently. I’ve also gained a little weight recently (thanks, Christmas) so perhaps made use of that extra allowance in this pair.

For pair 3 I used a stretch denim that I got as part of my December ambassador allowance from The Fabric Store. This is a fab quality medium weight denim with a slightly nubbly texture and a little comfy stretch. I added one inch to the length on this pair so they’re just ankle-skimming and more appropriate for winter when worn with fun socks and sneakers.

I went a bit rogue with this and the pair below and made a closed front with a centre-back invisible zip to fasten. The pattern views include an exposed front zip or faux-fly front but I like the completely flat front – super comfortable and zero digging in of anything. One tip I’d say if you make view B is to stabilise that waist edge when you sew on the facing. There’s no waistband to keep things snug, which makes for a very comfortable fit but leaves it more susceptible to stretching out. I simply slip some cotton twill tape into the seam as I’m sewing the facing onto the waistline.

This is the second pair, which are one of my favourite things I made last year. They use a mystery fabric that I got as a remnant from Misan Textiles on Berwick Street. Misan is pretty pricey but you can get some great deals on the pre-cut lengths in the basement! It’s difficult to describe; it’s like a very heavy crepe with a slightly spongy sort of feel like a scuba, and a tiny bit of stretch. It doesn’t crease in the slightest and they feel wonderfully luxurious to wear, especially in the cold. And the colour is brilliant! I guess I should give this pattern a rest for a bit now as my trouser drawer literally overfloweth, but it’s certainly earned its TNT status.

15 thoughts on “M7445 the second and third

  1. AvatarNaomi

    I am having butt-fitting problems right now so specifically noticed how amazing the back of your brown ones fit – perfect!

  2. AvatarShauni S

    Hey Katie! These are both fantastic – I was getting more and more tempted to sew this pattern by the sentence while reading. Especially love the colour of your second pair.
    I was wondering, how do you think they compare in fit to the Lander Pant? I’m working on pair 3 of the Landers and whilst there seems to be similarities in style/silhouette, I was interested in if they differed in leg width/waist depth etc?
    Great makes as always :)

  3. AvatarChantal Lapointe

    Great fitting job on the brown pants! I really like your sewing pattern choices. After reading your posts, I bought 3 pants/jeans patterns (M7445, Lander and Burda 6798). You’re my go-to blogger for pants sewing inspiration! Might I suggest that you take a look at the Tanner Culottes pattern from Designer Stitch? I got to test for them and sewed up a pair in a 8-oz denim. I love them to pieces!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thank you, that’s nice to hear! That is the fit straight out of pattern – it just works for me. Plus that fabric is very forgiving. The Tanners look great, yours are particularly chic and I like the tie waist and deep, deep hem. Thanks for sharing!

  4. AvatarNichole

    I like all versions! It’s so nice to find a great pattern that really works for you. I like the look of the high-waisted flare trouser. I’m planning to make the Lander pant, but I think I’ll check this one out, too.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thank you! I like both patterns equally, I want another pair of Landers too but really don’t *need* them…

  5. AvatarSusan

    This post is so timely for me! My next project is M7445. I was going to do view C but really like your idea of a zipper in the back for B. And thanks for the tip about the waistband.

  6. AvatarSara

    To make pants was my goal when I started sewing, then I made two, and the back seem just seems to dig in my butt… Got inspired to try again though, maybe a new pattern like this one to mix it up!

  7. AvatarMary Gehling

    After reading about your first pair of M7445 I made some in denim with the fly front. They are my favorite (and first me-made) pants!! I also purchased the Lander and will try them out for something a little different. Your mods to the front is very nice!

  8. AvatarKelley

    Love these! I have this pattern and keep coming back to your blog to read about them before I make them. I just cut it out today and realized mine has no instruction sheet! I’m going to email McCalls. Yours look so good!

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