It’s a wrap hack

I haven’t been sewing a great deal lately: I’m guessing it’s something to do with the upcoming change of season coupled with not feeling too great about my appearance lately and not feeling inspired by any of the fabrics in my stash. General end of summer gloom!

I didn’t push it and instead did a refreshing destash sale and started looking after myself better in other ways, then this weekend my inspiration naturally returned and I made this jumpsuit that I never want to take off.

My inspiration came directly from Catherine of Threadsnips, who snapped up a lovely rare vintage wrap jumpsuit pattern of a similar style to this. She very helpfully pointed out how a similar effect can be hacked from any other plain front jumpsuit pattern by simply extending out a triangle from the centre front and attaching ties.

I followed her example using the fabulous Butterick 6312 as my base pattern (which I’ve made before and still wear frequently). I followed the v of the neckline down to the waistline then reversed it below the waist down to the crotch. It’s always a risk cutting a hack directly onto your good fabric right off, but having made the base pattern before I thought it was low risk in this case.

Construction was pretty speedy. I made self bias to finish the entire neckline including the wrap edges all in one go. At the crotch I pinned the overlap in place while wearing it and topstitched it down for a couple of inches to secure. I made two straps and sewed these onto the points, and finally made a buttonhole on the right-hand side seam to thread the inner strap through. There is no need for any other fastening as the wrap opens wide enough to step into it, woohoo.

I treated myself to the fabric with the destash earnings: It’s cotton ikat from Merchant & Mills, the same fabric type I used for my first version too. I needed 3 metres as it’s quite narrow and used nearly all of it. This fabric is the dream to work with and to wear; I really could imagine a wardrobe composed of little else. I suspect it’ll be fine to wear in autumn and most of winter too.

Next time I plan to alter the fit slightly around the neck as it’s not spot on, and I plan to curve out the v a little so it sits better on the upper chest. I might attempt a swayback too as I get fabric pooling under the tie belt. And hmmm, pockets, it definitely needs some sort of pocket action next time.

Tweaks made, there’s a quite serious risk I could make dozens of these (in an army of ikats?) and wear little else! It’s crazy comfortable and I feel really good in it, which is pretty much all I can ask for at the moment.

31 thoughts on “It’s a wrap hack

  1. AvatarHannah

    I love it and have been dying to make one after seeing threadsnips via paperbagwaist. And I just made a Stevie in ikat from cloth house and I also feel like I could live in the fabric! Thanks for the image of the hack, definitely going to be trying it soon!

  2. AvatarKirsten

    This is awesome Katie! I’m definitely putting it on my list of stuff to see for summer (it’s a pretty long list at this point 😬). That fabric is gorgeous, it looks so comfortable and chic.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Themes! I can see something similar on you and imagine it’s a pretty good all-season wear. I love that magic mix of both comfortable and chic :D

  3. AvatarNatasha

    I love ikats. They ARE a dream to sew with and look good, too! This is such a cute jump suit. Thanks for posting.

  4. AvatarPsychicSewerKathleen

    I’ve never made anything with IKAT but I’ve seen so many beautiful prints in it I’ve often been tempted. Your jumpsuit is lovely! The fact you designed it and just cut right into that lush fabric with your first attempt shows what a confident and skilled seamstress you are!

  5. AvatarJayne

    I think we are all feeling that way about the demise of summer and the dark nights ahead of us. I’ve had some awful sewing misadventures recently! Jumpsuit looks great on you. Always love your style!

  6. AvatarLucy

    The post by threadsnips inspired me too, I finally cut a peppermint jumpsuit but changed the neckline and bought down the back by a couple of inches to do away with the zip. Its great how seeing what others make can spur you on and spark creativity!

  7. AvatarMaya

    You look lovely, and that jump suit is delicious. I have cut a kew dress skirt in the same fabric months ago and this may have inspired me to actually go and finish it… Or maybe start a jumpsuit… 😬

  8. AvatarSarah

    You look lovely – this is really flattering on you. I’m slightly obsessed with jumpsuits at the moment – I’d definitely give this one a go.

  9. AvatarAna

    I love it! I have this hack on my list, it really is a great one (thank you Catherine!)
    I wanted to ask why did you make the buttonhole opening for the strap instead of opening in the seam? Is there a difference? I never thought about this and only seen instructions with opening in the seam, but this makes sense to keep it more secure and with no problem of seam ripping.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Hi Ana, that would definitely work the same if not better. The reason I did a buttonhole instead is because I french seamed the outer seams so it would be more difficult to leave an opening.

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