Inari dress

The pattern that really needs no introduction! Yup, I finally fell prey to the charms of Named’s Inari dress, and je ne regret rien.

Inari dress

It was touch and go though, because halfway through making this I was convinced I hated it and it looked awful on me. Somehow releasing the side seams through the hip a little bit and taking 2 inches off the hem sorted it all out though.

Inari dress
Inari dress

I made size 38 graded to 40 at the hip. The fit is pretty good overall given that I didn’t toile first, but next time I’ll fiddle with the shoulder – it pulls to the back a bit when I wear it so I think a forward-shoulder adjustment may be in order. As others have pointed out, the armsyce is quite low which leads to reduced range of motion, but I like how the sleeves look and they aren’t uncomfortable so I think I’ll leave them be.

Inari dress

I used a lovely lightweight wool-mix suiting from one of my favourite local fabric stores Woolcrest in London Fields. It was a perfect match and doesn’t crease at all – these pics were taken on day two of wear! It’s got a nice linen-y look to the weave and I love the colour.

Inari dress

Overall, quite the win for a very quick midweek evening sew. It got both colleague and boyfriend approval (+ thanks to Josh for these pics as I couldn’t find my remote!) and saved my life this week in a very hot and humid office. Once I’ve tweaked the shoulders I’ll probably make a tee version too, so I’m glad I caved and made the purchase.

22 thoughts on “Inari

  1. Avatarangie

    Ghaa- I think that I am falling for the inari dress too! I love the beautiful textured fabric that you used, this is something that I would want from RTW. Loving it on you!

  2. Avatarsallie

    I always love seeing versions of the Inari! Really need to make this pattern. Glad to hear you didn’t find the low armsyce too uncomfortable – I was worried about that!

  3. AvatarLorna

    This is lovely! I’d buy it, if I saw it in a shop – it looks very professional and well-constructed, but also has an edge to it. I’ve been on the fence about the Inari – I love the shape on other people, but I’m pretty sure I’d need to adjust the armscye, possibly widen the sleeves, do an FBA and bring the shoulders forward too, and as a newbie I’m a bit intimidated by all that. But I won’t learn if I don’t try, so I’ve just bitten the bullet and bought the pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! The sleeves are generous (I have big upper arms!) but you may find the FBA and armsyce alterations are necessary – I could only just get away without an FBA but may try it with one too. The sewing itself is simple though!

  4. AvatarHeather

    Now, I definitely want to make this dress! That fabric looks perfect for it! I think with shift dresses, it’s all about proportion, and I’m always amazed at how shortening a dress can make it so much more appealing.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      For some reason I thought you had already made it, and even went searching your blog to see if you altered it! So I think you should definitely make it!

  5. AvatarLarissa

    I made an Inari recently in a tencel chambray that I love but also noticed I was limited in my arm movements – glad it’s not just me! I’ll need to look into this FSA, for the next one. I’ve also made two versions in Jersey and find I didn’t experience the same issue (and both are passable at the office in the summer when paired with the right shoes).
    Love your version in wool – it’s so Chic’!

  6. AvatarLia

    Oo! It’s been such a treat to see this dress in so many different fabrics, and I LOVE yours! Also and unrelated, your wall seems pretty damn cool, haha.

  7. AvatarTracey Nixson

    I have this pattern but I’m stumped on the adding the seam allowance- I thought if I cut a size bigger it would work but then the facings the had it added only on the lower edge and then I got confused and put it away. I don’t even understand what or how a fsa works but I do want to try making this

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Tracey, I think the Inari does have seam allowance added already (definitely on the PDF, not sure about printed pattern) so there’s no need to add any. Try emailing Named if you’re stuck, I think they are good at answering questions.

  8. AvatarGrace

    Hey Katie! I came across your blog recently and it’s been a huge inspiration. I think we’re similar proportions so your adjustments are really useful. I’m in the middle of my first Inari and tried it on and hated it. I read this post and saw you’d graded to a 40 at the hips. As I’ve cut out I can’t do that this time but letting the seam out from just above my hips helped massively. Thanks for sharing!

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