Handmade labels from Nominette

Handmade labels
Nominette.co.uk recently asked me to try out their online custom label-making tool for a review, and having put them through their paces I am happy to share. Making labels for my makes has been on my to-do list for ages, and I love how these turned out.

Handmade labels

I did my design in Illustrator, keeping it fairly neutral and non-personal to suit a lot of different garment types. I couldn’t resist picking spangly metallic bronze to sit on top of my charcoal grey background, though.

Handmade labels

The site was easy to use – I like how you get some fun options, like to pick your fold type and optionally add text or laundry care logos, but it’s not one of those tools that takes forever with a million options to calibrate. I just uploaded my logo, picked my colours, checked the preview and sent it off. They arrived from Belgium within a few days – they come like this, in one long ribbon wrapped around a board with markers for where to cut.

Handmade labels

The quality is great and they don’t scratch at all, even with the metallic – they are made from taffeta so are smooth and comfortable. Really easy to sew in (when I remember to, that is!) and great for giving an extra little I-made-it boost to my garments. In fact having lovely labels somehow makes me even more focussed on picking projects with longevity and wearability in mind and taking care over the finish so they ‘deserve’ their label.

Handmade labels

As you can see, they’re going into all my recent makes (some of these yet to be finished and blogged!) and particularly suit my preferred bias-faced neckline edging – I just slip it underneath when topstitching the binding down. You can check out some other reviews of Nominette by Melissa, Manju and Winnie, and order your own here.

15 thoughts on “Handmade labels from Nominette

  1. AvatarJane

    Great design! I need some of these. I have some things I’ve made where I’m never 100% sure which is the front and which is the back!

  2. AvatarElouise

    They certainly add a finishing touch. I love the colour combination on the light grey marl and olive green garment, I can’t wait to see the finished item!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Unfortunately I’m not too happy with that make, I’m just debating whether to try fixing it :( but the colours are indeed lovely.

  3. AvatarKayla Green

    That’s a great idea! I never thought of putting custom labels for clothes I made for myself. Do you think it will work out OK for baby clothes, too? Or do they have handmade labels made from softer fabric?

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