Grey and Sunny 

Winter sewing continues apace and spoiler, I don’t think I’ll be removing this one till April. (See also: my spangly new boots, which give me LIFE of a grey autumnal morning. They’re from Mango.)

It’s a Style Arc Sunny top: a 25% off their PDFs dropped into my inbox (code PDF25, valid til Friday!); I typically buy their paper patterns but this was a good excuse to try the PDFs out for a fiver. It’s nice that you get three sizes bundled – albeit as separate files, so blending is tricky – and assembly was smooth, although I was annoyed to find that the pieces are mostly symmetrical but were printed full/flat. Such a waste of paper and taping time!

This pattern came together incredibly quickly and was really fun to whiz up on the overlocker. I wasn’t initially sure how the cocoon-y ‘skirt’ panels would look, but I trust SA’s drafting and always find their stuff looks and feels very RTW in terms of fit and ease. I love the resultant shape. The only tweak i made was to take an inch off the hem before hemming. I’m sure I’ll be making more of these, a snuggly cocoon is perfect for wrapping myself in on those don’t-wanna-get-out-of-bed days.

The gorgeous fabric is from The Fabric Store, specifically this cotton/modal blend salt’n’pepper sweatshirting. This New Zealand-based shop, who have sent me fabric before, asked me to be an ambassador for a few months and it didn’t take me long to say yes.

I’m always impressed by the range and quality that The Fabric Store offers. Personally I appreciate that they largely focus on both natural fibres and on solids/textures rather than prints. It seems like no coincidence that garments I’ve made in their fabrics in the past, like my rayon crepe Ninnis or this tied Inari tee dress, are firm wardrobe regulars. I think the garments I’ve made with my latest haul will be no exception – stayed tuned for more soon as I had a bit of a weekend sewathon with it. I should add that I have been a paying customer in the past and can vouch for their great customer service, and international postage is pretty reasonable / free over about £100 (though watch out for customs charges).

This fabric was a perfect match for the Sunny; it’s medium weight and stable with a smooth grey on one side and the salt-and-pepper marl effect in a loopy textured finish on the rear. You could definitely use either side as the right side and I was very tempted to reverse some of the panels to highlight the seamlines, but I’m glad I kept it simple and used all of the looped side as my good side. I can show the smooth side a little if I roll the sleeves at least.

It was a delight to sew with and pressed well – especially important to get a slick finish with this top and its directional seamlines. Even the neckband stretched willingly and went in nice and flat; I was concerned it wouldn’t as it’s not super stretchy. I think I have enough from my 2m left for another little top, so I can use the other side too – hurrah!

Here’s how I wore the Sunny out later in the day. I’m glad it works with a baggier bottom half as well as slim (these are RTW Monki jeans), and of course it matches my coat!

Bonus kitty snuggle, another winter essential <3

21 thoughts on “Grey and Sunny 

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Hi Joanne, no I made my regular size. It’s actually fairly fitted on the hips and just looser across the top, but I think it would look a bit strange if there was less ease.

  1. AvatarCarmen

    Cute sweater and good photos! I always find indoor photo shoots to be so tricky, but now that it’s cold and crappy outside again I have no choice.

  2. AvatarPsychicSewerKathleen

    I’m in sweatshirt sewing mode myself these days…I’m on my second Toaster Sweater (have you tried this pattern? LOVE it!) and love your fabric! I’ll have to hop over the The Fabric Shop because I always favour natural fibers and I love the nubby texture of your fabric especially. COZY :)

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Yes it’s really nice and quite rare to find non-polyester sweatshirtings and the like, this one is so breathable and lovely.

  3. AvatarTamara

    Hmmm, I completely overlooked this pattern before but I’m really liking yours. It looks comfortable and also quite chic. Thanks for the heads up on the discount code!

    Also your cat is completely adorable but I’m sure you already knew that.

  4. AvatarCharlotte hazell

    Hi just come axross you on instagram! Love your blog and this top.
    Can I ask how you finished the hem line? Thinking of getting this pattern but don’t have a cover hem machine and wondered how else I can do it with it been stretch.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Hi Charlotte – I don’t have a coverstitch either. I used my normal machine and did a zigzag on the sleeves and actually just a plain straight stitch at a slightly longer stitch length (3mm) on the hem. Since it’s oversized it doesn’t really need to stretch much, and this fabric is quite stable so it worked out well.

  5. AvatarMonica

    Love the sweatshirt, it looks great on you. 😊 Does it require a serger or can you use a regular sewing machine? What website did you get the material at? Thanks for sharing.

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