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To be honest, all I want to wear at the moment is black sacks, so here’s another one to throw into the mix. But it’s got kitties and cactuses and watermelons on it, so it ain’t all gloom.


It’s my third or fourth Named Inari dress, and the first time I’ve done it in a knit rather than a woven. Naturally that makes it even more comfy! I didn’t alter anything on the sizing, and just finished the neckline with a band instead of a facing. I also topstitched the entire sleeve cuff down so it wouldn’t flip around.


The fabric is jersey knit I had printed with my own design at the Contrado factory back in May. You can read more about it here! This is their 190gsm jersey substrate which is a fairly sturdy polyester-based knit with about 25% stretch, similar to a double-knit and ideal for a pattern where it’s subbing for a woven. It was very easy to work with: I used the overlocker for the shoulder and armsyce seams, and lightning stitch with a walking foot on my normal machine for topstitching, hemming, and the side seams.


Funny, looking at the drag lines on this one that aren’t so apparent in my woven Inaris (and not quite so apparent in real life as in these photos) it’s possible I should do an FBA to this pattern, adding a bust dart or rotating the excess down into the skirt portion. When I hike up the front under the underarms the drag lines smooth out. Perhaps it’s the heavier drape of this fabric making it more obvious here.

I’ve been meaning to dedicate some time to doing some new designs to get printed, as it feels extra special wearing a fabric I designed as well as sewing the garment itself and Contrado have so many interesting and apparel-appropriate substrates to print on.

16 thoughts on “Emoji Inari

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Not really – I wore it all day and it felt pretty breathable really. It’s getting cold here though so stickiness is less of an issue!

  1. AvatarCaroline

    I had decided to not get/make the inari, but you have now made me reconsider =) Can I ask if you made any adjustments? Your sleeves look like they fit a lot better than some of the other versions I’ve seen.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I resisted for a while too but it was worth the purchase! I’ve just done a slight forward shoulder adjustment to the sleeve as the seam sat too far backwards on me.

  2. AvatarFrances

    I got those same drag lines on my Inari muslin, and an FBA + bust dart got rid of them. It feels silly to have to do so much shaping to still end up with a sack! But I love my Inari sacks — I just made one in wool, inspired by one of yours!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I made yet another one at the weekend, in wine-coloured linen, and did the FBA. It’s a little improved but I think I need to refine it a bit more. My wool one is still my favourite!

    2. AvatarGrace

      Are there any good online resources showing how to do an FBA and adding darts? I use the By Hand London method on bodices that already have darts but not sure how to tackle a dartless bodice!

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