Dress like a Crayon

I have a fun little idea for January dressing and sewing plans to get me back into taking photos, identifying potential wardrobe gaps, and trying out different ways to pair up my clothes, as well as brightening up a rather dark month. Dressing like a crayon; that is, wearing the same colour outfit from head to toe.

My theory is this will be a really easy way to not have to think too hard about getting dressed while still looking fairly put-together thanks to the restrained palette. I hang my clothes by colour and tend towards mostly solids in a rather fixed palette these days (green, pink, blue, white and black – that’s pretty much it!), so it will be interesting to see how many whole outfits I can make while wearing just a single hue at a time. In terms of rules, I’m not really imposing any. Any shade of the same colour will do, and if I can include footwear, accessories and outerwear I will do so, but I don’t have a full spectrum of shoes, coats and hats!

I’ll take pics to document my daily outfits on Instagram – though it may not be every day – and other inspiration (all these pics are from my Pinterest board). If you feel like playing along use the tag #dresslikeacrayon on Instagram so I can see your outfit too!

9 thoughts on “Dress like a Crayon

  1. AvatarAnthea

    Nice experiment! Can’t join in (radical weight change so nothing much fits) but oh you made me 🤣 – images of smiling little crayon people skipping around. That’s such a great image for the column of colour concept. Have fun.

  2. AvatarErika

    That’s so much fun!

    When I had to cook as a teenager I would also sometimes just pick a color and cook only things in that color (limited choice though, usually it was green but brown or yellow or white also work). I also did shapes sometimes, although that mostly works for round.

  3. Avatarlsaspacey

    The great thing is that with crayons, the paper wrapper was rarely the same exact shade as the wax crayon underneath, so slightly different colors together fits the brief perfectly. I have quite a few “crayon” outfits so I might play along.

  4. AvatarLia

    Sounds like fun! Did you ever see the movie Hanna? In it Cate Blanchett wears this gunmetal grey Armani suit with a grey shirt and tie and while it’s not the first crayon I’d reach for, it is POWERFUL as a look. I think she has an all-dark-green look too? I don’t remember anything else about this movie. Looking forward to the outfits! :)

  5. AvatarJane

    Really interesting having only really worn black on black or white on white before. I wanted to try it with a me made mustard cord skirt and some jumpers I have but I realised some mustards tend towards green and others towards gold so you’ve really got to get your tones right.

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