Creamy True Bias Yari jumpsuit for spring

I toiled the True Bias Yari Jumpsuit last year sometime and for whatever reason (…winter, I guess) had a massive delay before picking it up again. But then I saw Sarah’s winter-white version and this Asos cutie and got on the lookout for creamy fabric to make my own. Just in time for spring, hint hint weather.

I cut a straight size 12 for the toile to fit my hip measurement but the top half turned out way too baggy, so this time I cut an 8 graded to 10 at the hip. It’s actually still turned out quite loose through the leg so a straight 8 probably would have been fine. I could possibly benefit from a small FBA on top, which would be easy to add through the princess seams next time. I love how flat the crisply-faced neckline lies though and there’s no gaping even with only three buttons. (The buttons are vintage milk glass from my endless stash. )

I was going for a relaxed silhouette but tried the suit on partway through construction and decided it did need waist definition. Also the crotch and pockets were hanging very low like it was too long in the body. I didn’t fancy the side D-ring ties included in the pattern – they look a bit awkward and unflattering to me – so I sewed a drawstring channel to the inside waistline and made skinny ties to feed through. The slight blousing effect this resulted in also fixed the length issue!

Here’s the channel from the inside. Mmm, I love all these creamy stitch tones against each other.

The only other tweak I made was to level off the top of the pockets to straight rather than slanted, to match the Asos inspiration suit better. I like that the deep hem at the top of the pockets matches the width of the little cap sleeve cuffs. This pattern was lovely to sew overall and unusually for me I followed the given directions almost completely, adjustments aside.

I grabbed the fabric with exactly this project in mind on a recent trip to the wonderful Abakhan in Manchester, a pre-cut piece of slubby cotton-linen blend that reminds me of silk noil costing about £8 for around 2.5m – in Abakhan you pay by weight so I wasn’t sure of yardage at the time. With creative cutting I could just squeeze the Yari pieces on (3m is the recommended yardage).

I got some of this fabric in black too and I’m tempted to use it to make a Yari sister as I reckon this will get a lot of wear as soon as it warms up a little.

12 thoughts on “Creamy True Bias Yari jumpsuit for spring

  1. AvatarColleen

    Looks great and a lovely colour for spring and summer. I’m finally coming round to the idea of making one myself after seeing a baggy trousered version in Toast.

  2. AvatarChloe Montrose

    This looks great on you. The waist drawstring really makes this design work. Thanks for the peek at the insides; I’ve been wondering how to add waistband channels without adding fabric bulk around the waist, as I would have turned under the long edges before stitching down – but it looks as though you’ve overlocked and stitched and that’s kept it smooth. I would never have pictured myself in a cream jumpsuit but this looks so good that you’ve got me thinking…

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Yes, the overlocked edge is a bit less clean inside but less bulky. I have also made channels with pre-made lightweight bias binding before which works quite well. I am quite new to wearing such pale colours as well – I was worried it’d look like a toile, but feel surprisingly comfortable in it after all.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks – no, it’s per the pattern, but as I mention I think I could have sized down as they seem baggier than in the pattern imagery.

  3. AvatarLia

    Katie! It’s so beautiful! This is the first time I feel like I’m really noting and appreciating those vertical seams, especially on the front leg. Love it with the nude flats (still crayoning, maybe?).

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks Lia! Yes, i’m glad I took the time to topstitch as the seamlines are a nice detail. And yes, slightly crayoning shoe choice!

  4. AvatarJane

    My daughter is making this jumpsuit at the moment. She is also having problems with a low crotch so we’re resorting to some recutting. Appears this might be a problem with the pattern.

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