Countdown to #MMM14

It’s now April, which means one month until Me-made May! I’m really excited to properly take part this year, as I was only just getting going with sewing this time last year so didn’t have a very big me-made wardrobe yet. These days it’s rarer I’m not wearing a me-made or two of a day, which is pretty awesome, but I think I still have a few wardrobe gaps to fill that it would be great to nail before MMM rolls around. So here’s what I’d really like to get made this month. I’ll be a busy girl…


Trousers: I wear a lot of trousers day to day (either those or dresses; not really a big skirt wearer) so would like a few more options. I’d love another pair of stretch skinny jeans, a pair of looser peg-leg trousers and another pair of drapey jersey knit pants.


Tops: I need a few more basic plain knit tees, but zzz find them so boring to make. But I wear the heck out of tops like my blocked raglan and Hemlock, so I should probably step it up.


Dresses: with any luck the weather will be a little warmer by May, so I’d like to try a few summer dress patterns old and new: Named Leini, Pattern Runway sundress, Tessuti Pia, Victory Ava, and another Simplicity 1601.


Jackets: I want to finish my current wip, a sweatshirt-knit biker jacket, and also perhaps make a kimono style jacket and a draped knit cardigan.


I really want to make a bag too, making use of some scraps of wool and pleather. Bags totally count as a wearable, right?

Sources for all pictures on my Pinterest.


Anyone else looking forward to Me-made May? Are you planning any makes before it kicks off?

I nearly forgot my pledge!

I, Katie of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one or more me-made each day for the duration of May 2014.

12 thoughts on “Countdown to #MMM14

  1. AvatarFabric Tragic

    Nice plans! Ha I just saw my bum on your Pinterest list on the side! Anyway, moving on! If you’re bored by knit tops have a look at the Aime Comme Marie Minute top. It’s a woven dolman tee, very easy (and can be made in a knit too) – it’s a great staple, and slightly more interesting than a plain knit top.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Haha! Promise I was admiring your tidy Frenched pocket, not your shiny gold-clad bum ;)

      I love the Aime Comme Marie patterns, they have some great basics with a twist. You’ve given me the push to actually buy a few!

  2. AvatarStevie

    Great plans! I think trousers are the best for wearability. Also I love you’re simplicity dress you made before. Me Made May is so fun to participate in! x

  3. AvatarAmy Beeton

    I’m in a similar position to you last year, just starting out with my blog and building up slowly. I hope to take part next year. You have achieved so much in a year, really inspirational to a newbie like me. Thanks Katie xx

  4. AvatarElena

    Your progress and output over the past year has been seriously inspiring! Love the stuff on this list. I actually have the opposite problem – can’t stop making super easy knit tops. They’re just so wearable and so quick to churn out.

  5. AvatarAngela

    I just found your sewing blog through burda and am in love! Hopefully next May I can take part too and you’ll have been the starting inspiration. Also love your pinterest. I’m a amateur sewer that needs a kick up the bum. Thanks for putting the time into your blog.

  6. AvatarKathryn

    I love your sewing plans! You’ve made so much gorgeous stuff already this year! I loved MMM last year but haven’t made much in between. with a new baby arrived I think I’ll need a less ambitious pledge this year if I want to participate!

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