Cielo Blue

A really quick one, because this was such a fast and simple sew: a Cielo top from Closet Case Files’ Rome pattern collection. As I realised after Me-Made May, I don’t have a whole lot of tops that aren’t t-shirts and I thought this would be a nice entry level dip into woven tops being essentially a fancy boxy tee. Girl’s gotta have something to wear with all her trousers huh?

This is View A with the cuffs simply left off the sleeves. I nearly used the dramatic pleated sleeves of View B but thought it would take it a bit into ‘fancy’ territory and make it less everyday-wearable, although I would like the make that view in a less bold/luxe fabric. There are also options for a bound or faced neckline and I opted for the facing this time.

I didn’t toile but based my fit assessment on the finished garment measurements and used the handy C/D bust cup pattern piece which is included with the pattern along with the standard B cup option. The fit turned out really nice; I love the length and shoulder point, I’ll probably just take a little narrow back adjustment next time and lower the bust darts a touch.

I’ve had this cheerful royal blue silk crepe de chine in my stash for a while, from The Fabric Store. The colour is about as bright as I’ll go but I love how it looks with my tan Utility Trousers. I think it was a great fabric match for this pattern and I used French seams throughout – even the armsyces which is always a bit harrowing but was worth it in the end. All in all a great little make and I’ll definitely be using this pattern again soon.

(Note: both pattern and fabric were gifts, with no expectation of blog promotion.)

5 thoughts on “Cielo Blue

  1. AvatarNynke

    I really like your version of the cielo!
    How did you chose your size? How much ease did you calculate? Because the cielo has lots of ease and I don’t want to end up with a sort of circus tent (-;

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I made the 10 which is close to my body measurements, so I’d say the ease I got is close to what the pattern intends for your actual size.

  2. AvatarMart

    Did you raise the neckline on yours? Mine falls about and inch or so below my collar bone and has a lot of gaping – or what just feels like excess fabric.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I didn’t alter it but I think I need a forward shoulder adjustment as the shoulder line is falling backwards a bit – I think this is making the neckline tilt higher.

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