Cézembre Clouds


It’s nice when a random little PDF punt purchase and a few hours with a stash fabric gives you a new favourite top. This is the Cézembre Blouse by Anne Ka Couture, who blogs at Anne Cousette. This was her first pattern release back in June and I’m definitely smitten. It’s a lovely top with short or 3/4 length sleeve options, the main design detail being the wrap-forward side seams and curved hemlines.


I made a wearable toile in this stash viscose (also used for my Ilsley skirt) – it’s the straight size 40 but I pre-emptively nipped a wedge out of the back neckline as it looked too wide for me. Before I make it again I’ll fiddle a little more with the neckline as the wide boat type neck is not my favourite, otherwise I’m very happy with the fit.


It’s a neat 19 page PDF with instructions in French and English and each step clearly photographed, so it’s a breeze to sew. The sleeves set in easily, and I really love the princess seam detail (which is actually also the side seam) leading into the hem curve. The bottom edges are finished with facings which makes sense with the design – you can topstitch them in place all around like I did or just tack them at the princess seam points.


I’m pretty sure that once I’ve tweaked the neckline to my liking I’ll use this pattern multiple times – it would be so good for colourblocking in solid colours, or with a printed front panel and plain back… I’m even tempted to try it in French terry for a cosy sweatshirt. There are some pretty versions out there in the French blogosphere, showing that it looks great in any sort of light, drapey fabric. Nice to add another TNT to the stash!

22 thoughts on “Cézembre Clouds

  1. AvatarBecca

    Love the shape of this top and really want to download it. Maybe I’m being a total wally but I can’t see where I’m meant to download it from! Please could you post the link? Thanks (: xx

  2. AvatarNina

    How could I miss this pattern? I follow a few of the French bloggers features in the post you liked but I didn’t notice this blouse, though it has a shape I really like! So thank you for showing yours! It’s really pretty in this fabric!

  3. AvatarSheona

    That is one very wearable toile – love it! The side seams and curved hem are gorgeous, a really nice shape. I also really like that fabric. I’ve got my eye on a few cloud prints at the mo…must resist buying for a while!

  4. AvatarHeather

    This looks awesome! I especially love it in that fabric! I’m always on the hunt for a good woven tee pattern, so thanks for pointing this one out.

  5. AvatarCal

    That top looks brilliant. I read your blog, bought the pattern and also browsed some fabric which is now on its way to me. On your recommendation I also bought the Zippy top last year and I wasn’t disappointed.

  6. AvatarCamilla

    Perfect pattern and print combo. This looks fab. I’m going to give French sewing patterns a bash. I’ve just bought some patterns from La Droguerie, all the instructions are in French.

  7. AvatarSophie Parcell

    Looks fantastic and really wearable. I’d also say that I think that neckline actually really suits you.

  8. AvatarAmanda

    I love this top and the fabric is fab. I’m currently learning to sew and although I don’t think I’m ever going to be amazing at it I think it’s a really useful skill to have, because then you can create things like this where it is unlikely someone else walking down the street will have the same thing on.

    On a tangent I thought your face looked familiar (This came up as a pin on Pinterest) and then I realised I used a lot of your tips for veggie food when I went to Japan in 2013. So thanks for your helpful tips!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Oh, that’s funny, I am definitely all over the internet ;)

      That’s definitely one of the reasons I like sewing so much, and you might be surprised how quickly you get to making wearable garments. It’s a learning curve that never ends, but definitely with low entry barriers, in my opinion anyway.

  9. AvatarColleen

    I ADORE your fabric!!!!

    I love this blouse, love love love it. As I write this, I’m wearing the one I made last week for the third time! (I work at home, so not offensive)! Sometimes people say, “Oh, it’s so easy it only two a couple of hours to sew,” and I’m like: “why did it take me all weekend?” This make is really really easy and I had no problem at all with the fit. It just did.

    I’m going to make dozens!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      I know what you mean! The facings make this really quick – I always drag my heels on hemming so it removes that step totally.

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