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Plans for 2015


Happy new year and all that, chaps. I don’t really like new year time to be honest, and I won’t be doing any sort of 2014 retrospective. But one thing I do like to do is look forward and plan some exciting sewing projects for 2015. I certainly did learn a lot in 2014 across technique, fitting and my personal style so I feel like this’ll be a great year for my stitching. Seemingly like a lot of others, my key plan is to make less, but make it all with increased thought and care.

Unfortunately, I think January and February will pretty much be a no-sew zone for me which isn’t a very good start. Over the next 6-8 weeks I’ve got: building work starting on my sewing room (to make it bigger! yay!); two demanding work contracts; ten days in Barbados; a weekend in Berlin, and my 30th birthday. Phew. So here’s what you might be seeing on here some time around March…

(nb if you can’t see the pins in a feed reader, click to view.)

Jacket (not)January

I was really hoping to crack on and get a Rigel bomber out during Jacket January, but due to the reasons above I don’t think it will get done in time for the sewcial sewalong – I hope it will be done in time for wearing in spring though. I also really want to make Marilla’s Freemantle coat in a black tweed.


I actually kind of need another swimsuit for Barbados, so that’s a high-priority sew. I’ve been tinkering even more with my self-drafted pattern and have got everything I need to give it a go. I may well still make it available for download too, don’t hold me to that though.


I’ve got a pair of Ginger jeans in plum-coloured denim (with baby pink topstitching) half-constructed already, so they need finishing up and I’m excited to see how the fit compares to previous pairs. I’m going to back to basics, closely following Heather’s fantastic instructions and sewalong to try and pick up some tips and hopefully get my best results yet. Hopefully more will follow!


Confession: I have a bit of a weird vendetta against sewing tops. Basically if I have enough yardage of a fabric for a dress, I feel like it’s sort of a waste to make a top instead. Stupid, right? I need to change that way of thought as it’s really too cold for a lot of my dresses at the moment and it’s much easier to layer a top. I wear a few of my favourite me-made woven tops to death so need a few more in a similar vein.


After making the short Turia dungarees for my sister, I rather fancy a dress or long-trousered version for myself. Definitely in something very neutral like a plain black denim so I’m actually inclined to wear them. Oh alright, maybe tiny polka dots.


I’ve been wanting to try sewing bras for a while as I’m fussy with RTW ones and they look so fun to put together. Plus as Lauren mentioned, lingerie is a great way to get to sew obsessively without adding yet more garments to an already-full wardrobe. I think I’ll pick up a kit and pattern and see how it goes.


I’d like to carry on with my self-designing and drafting experiments this year, I find it incredibly satisfying. First up I’m desperate to have a go at knocking off a dress similar to these two beauties, with the darts converted into concentric square pieces. Shouldn’t be too difficult a job and I can probably stash-bust some complementary fabrics.

I want to make use of some of the pretty trimmings I’ve collected so have been saving some fun placement ideas.

And I’m really interested to experiment more in making unique textiles for garments, whether that’s piecing/patchworking, printing or dyeing.


I have two quilts for myself in the pipeline. One, for the bedroom, is half-done and is more abstract with muted shades and lots of linens mixed in – very inspired by the Season Evans one above. I’m also planning a more geometric ‘tumbling blocks’ one for the living room in solid grey and yellows.

Well, I think all of that will keep me busy for a bit :) What do your 2015 sewing plans look like?

What’s brewing

Ahoy-hoy. Just checking in to share some current WIPs in the absence of anything actually finished. It’s not really like me to have so many projects on the go at once, but I’ve been keen to stashbust and use what I have before buying more fabric. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with a new job to finish anything though, and I now need to pack away all my sewing stuff for a while because we’re having a bit of building work done (which will result in a larger sewing space for me! Yay!). Hoping to have some done by Christmas at least! Here’s what’s lurking in my big box of WIPs…

Half a coat, in a delicious tobacco wool and lined with plaid from Mexico. After a horrendous time fitting the sleeves I took a bit of a breather from it, but I’m dying to finish it so I can start wearing it. It ‘just’ needs welt pockets, lining and fastenings now.

Waist detail of a rather lovely party frock that is just about done, it’s a BHL Anna hack so I think I’ll appropriately wear it for their Christmas bash in a couple of weeks’ time.

Another festive-leaning BHL hack – a second Anna/S1610 mashup in cranberry sandwashed silk. This just needs its zip and hem, but I’m not happy with the puckering around the bias-faced neckline so I’m debating my options there too.

Some skinny trousers made from a rather lovely dotty brushed cotton. Just need belt loops, button and hemming.

Today’s work – a little frock to wear to a family wedding in a couple of weeks’ time. Straight off my block in an easy-sew poly from Mexico, the ideal rainy Sunday project.

That’s not to mention my planned project list: a Rigel bomber, Ginger jeans, a Clover dress… Oh, and amongst all this selfish sewing I have at least two (secret, obviously) Christmas gifts to make. With my sewing space out of action for a while I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out. Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by festive plans and/or unfinished garments at the moment?!

See it make it: soft cardi-biker


Anthroplogie moto jacket (no longer available) vs Tamaegi-kobo Peony zip-up cardigan pattern, 900yen (approx £5.30)

I just excitedly discovered the site of Tamaegi-kobo, a Japanese indie pattern company. You can download PDFs of all the patterns from the site, some have English instructions and some are free! I’ve downloaded the free twisted-seam jeans pattern for a start and have a few others in mind for purchase. I’ve just started on a soft biker-style jacket using a different pattern, but this cardi is definitely bookmarked for spring.

Me-made May


I’ve signed up Me Made May! I heard about it via a lot of the sewing blogs I follow and it seemed a great way to encourage myself to continue with my fledging sewing hobby. The idea is to set yourself a handmade challenge and spend the month of May fulfilling it. It’s a fairly open brief and you can choose a challenge that suits you – whether it’s just mending some old items of clothing so you can use them again, pledging to wear something homemade every day, or using up your fabric stash. The premise is to get people thinking about the clothes they own, wear and make, which seems particularly pertinent given the sad news from Bangladesh last week, and ongoing issues with high street supply chains. Have a look at the full rundown here.


What’s my challenge? I’ve bought these three lovely fabrics recently – a heavy grey jersey, a lighter pink-marl jersey and some cotton chambray – and I want to use them to make three everyday wearable pieces. I’m also going to try not to buy any new store-bought clothes all month and have a wardrobe clearout, too.


I already have plans: the chambray will become a Scout, but I plan to add a dipped hem, rolled-back sleeves and perhaps a chest pocket like this Marc Jacobs tee. Man, I can’t just leave a pattern alone.


With the jersey I want to try replicating a couple of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe that I wear to death: this Topshop jersey dress and slouchy dip-hem top. I’m not sure yet whether to use a pattern, or draft my own based on tracing the garments.

Head over here if you fancy taking the pledge yourself, and I’ll keep blogging my progress.