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Bye MMM, hello NYC

Wow, it’s the end of me-made May already. It really zipped by – probably because I’ve been working so hard! The good thing is my me-made wardrobe saw me through the late nights, somewhat variable weather, and usual cycling round town. Here are a selection of outfits from the last couple of weeks.


Jeans and tops, jeans and tops. Clockwise from top-left, a BHL Polly, a new Paprika patterns Onyx top, hand-dyed silk noil zippy top and silk zippy top. Some with Ginger jeans, some with RTW Uniqlo jeans.


Outings for two pairs of Burda 7017s as a slight variation from the skinny-jeans-and-top silhouette. I actually made a new pair of 7017s during the month, I’ll share them soon.


Frocks! Old Liberty print zippy dress and a new Plantain hack knit dress (which turned into a bit of a nightmare project as it needed underlining = two layers of differently-stretchy slippy, curly knits = PAIN. But I love this dress soo it was worth it.)


My brand new cloud-print Ilsley skirt has already seen two outings – definite wardrobe winner.


AND this self-draft dress saw two wears in varying degrees of weather – another firm favourite that I need to replicate.

Overall my MMM was definitely a success – I really like where my wardrobe is at now and it’s usually extremely easy to get dressed in the morning. I didn’t even get to wear some of my favourite me-mades before the month was out.

Brooklyn Diana

In exciting news, the beginning of June signals that my trip to New York is finally nigh! This was my birthday present from Josh back in January and included a Mood voucher, so more fabric shopping will definitely be happening. I hope to hang out with some NY sewists too! Can’t wait. See you in a week!

Me-Made May Week 5 and reflections


The home stretch, and back to work with a bump. If what you wear shows your mood, I sure am grey and blue this week. I’m so tired after Ecuador and a tough week of work that I had to cancel all plans for this weekend and have a rest at home instead, boo. I was also slightly running out of both clean clothes and ideas by this point, hence the rather dull and repetitive outfits… here are my last few days of #MMM14:


May 27th
Me-made: Wool jersey raglan
Other: Gap jeans, eBay boots, Datter necklace
Comments: Sad sleepyface. Back to work in the rain with a commute out of town to face first thing definitely called for a faithful cosy top.


May 28th
Me-made: Tulip Scout
Other: Forever21 jeans, Madewell cardigan, ASOS shoes, Ecuador necklace
Comments: If in doubt, wear a Scout! Not much to say about this, easy and comfortable.

Me-Made May

May 29th
Me-made: Rose jeans, Julia cardigan
Other: Gap tee, Next loafers, Ecuador necklace
Comments: Another grey-tee-and-jeans day, and I’ve worn this entire outfit already. Definitely running out of options…

Me-Made May

May 30th
Me-made: Plantain tee
Other: American Apparel skirt, ASOS shoes, Datter necklace
Comments: I so nearly wore jeans-and-a-tee again so decided to mix it up with a very old jersey skirt. Wearing this reminded me how much I like the Plantain pattern; must make more. It also reminded me that I should wear/make more skirts as it immediately looks like you’ve made more of an effort than jeans.

Me-Made May

May 31st
Me-made: True Bias Hudson pants
Other: New Look tee
Comments: These are a brand-new make that I squeezed in during the evenings this week – I’m testing out Kelli‘s soon-to-be-released pattern. Spoiler: I love them! Perfect for a much-needed lazy day at home and wander round Stoke Newington.


Just for fun, there’s my whole month of outfits! (Less two where I was travelling: I did wear me-mades but I’ll spare the jetlag-face photos.) I’m so glad and proud that I completed my pledge to wear at least one me-made every day. It really demonstrated what I aim for in my sewing: to replace my everyday RTW clothes with high-quality unique handmade versions made to my exact spec. I’m especially pleased at the cohesion I’ve slowly managed to achieve, blending my me-mades with my favourite RTW pieces to make my favourite colour combos and silhouettes. On a whole the month made me confident that I should continue to invest in quality fabrics and construction methods, because those makes are the ones that I feel extra-good wearing.

Of course it also identified plenty of gaps that I need to work on: more knit tops, plain non-jean trousers, a casual light coat/jacket and possibly a casual skirt or two are some additions that spring to mind immediately. I’ve amassed a load of lovely fabrics in my stash recently to make these happen: just need some time to sew!

Finally I must say thank you for your comments as I went along, they were really encouraging and it’s nice to see that the way I feel I dress is reflected on the outside too. The community aspect of MMM has been really great to follow along with. Vive le sewing!

OK, now let’s get back to normal, and I’ll share some of the new finished garments I’ve been wearing but haven’t blogged yet. Might need a quick break from the selfies for a while first though…

Me-Made May Week 4


Hola! This week’s MMM comes to you from beautiful Quito, Ecuador, where I spent all week on a blogging press trip – in fact, I’m posting this from the airport while waiting for my flight home. Packing for this trip was quite a challenge as I had no idea what the weather would be like at the tail-end of the rainy season. Turned out it was much hotter than I expected, and I did kid of run out of appropriate me-mades – but I stuck with it anyway! Here’s my jet-set week of outfits… the backdrops this week beat my messy bedroom, eh?

Me-Made May

May 19th
Me-made: Elizabeth top
Other: Gap chinos, espadrilles from Tel Aviv
Comments: First day here, exploring Quito’s beautiful old town – it was HOT! I was too warm in these long pants, but the Elizabeth was nice and cool. The crossover front is tucked in a bit awkwardly here as it was breezy up on this vantage point. These pants are on my ‘to copy’ list as I wear them tons in spring/summer and looking at this photo I think they’re quite slimming on the hips (no pleats); I’ve bought the Named Alpi Chinos pattern for this purpose.

Me-Made May

May 20th
Me-made: Feather sleeveless Hemlock
Other: Gap jeans, scarf was a gift.
Comments: Sporting some nice sunburn, care of that heat yesterday. It was a bit cooler today, especially as we took a trip to 4,100m above sea level in a cable car, which was as spectacular as it sounds. This photo is taken on the Panecillo with views over Quito in the valley behind. You can barely see my top; it’s the same one I’m wearing here.

Me-Made May

May 21st
Me-made: Burda 7017 trousers
Other: Cos tee & necklace, vintage shoes
Comments: At the official middle of the earth, with one foot in each hemisphere. My me-mades really are seeing the world! These have gone a bit baggy unfortunately, I might take them in as I love them otherwise.

Me-Made May

May 22nd
Me-made: Self-drafted smock dress
Other: ASOS leggings, Cos necklace
Comments: Had no photographer/guide today so a selfie in my rather nutty trompe l’oeil hotel room. Second outing for this dress; I was too warm in leggings scampering round the new town, but it’s too short without and I felt like wearing it anyway. Check the tan coming along! As you can see by the desk, I bought some edible souvenirs and caught up on blogging today.

Me-Made May

May 23rd
Me-made: Tee dress
Other: Necklace handmade in Salinas
Comments: Today was an epic train ride between the northern towns of Ibarra and Salinas; stunning scenery along the way and Salinas is as pretty as a film set. I actually dressed weather-appropriately for once – it was hot hot hot! I bought the lovely necklace from a shop in Salinas where everything in made in the community.

Me-Made May

May 24th
Me-made: Polka dot jeans
Other: Topshop tee, Salinas necklace
Comments: Run out of warm-weather me-mades in my suitcase and was far too hot in these jeans. I would have preferred to wear some RTW shorts, but I couldn’t fail the MMM challenge at such a late date. The spray from the beautiful Peguche waterfall behind me cooled me off a bit! We also visited the amazing Otavalo market.

Me-Made May

May 25th
Me-made: Franken-Anna
Comments: Last morning in Ecuador :( Just time for breakfast and a quick walk in the sun to say goodbye to this beautiful country. I changed into some sweats and a me-made grey raglan tee for the journey home.

I’m really pleased I was able to keep up with Me-Made May while away, even though I did have to adapt what I’d be most comfortable in at times – wish I’d brought more me-made shorts and t-shirts. Just a few days of MMM left now! If you’re interested in what else I got up to in Quito I’ll be writing about it all on my other blog – and I also have a fabric shopping post for here…

Me-Made May Week 3

mmm banner

Hi! My #MMM roundup is a day early this week as I’m flying to Quito, Ecuador, in the middle of the night tonight (on a press trip for my other blog)! I hope to keep up with #MMM while I’m out there, though I have no idea what the weather will be like – it’s at the end of their rainy season with temperatures hovering at 17-19C, so quite similar to home I’m assuming. I’ve packed everything from shorts to a raincoat, so hope I manage to keep up.

This week has been a bit mad with work and evenings out as well as gearing up for my trip, and I feel like it came through a bit in my outfit choices: they don’t seem as cohesive as in previous weeks. I was feeling in need of some breathing space today so cancelled all my plans, even including the epic #NYLon sewing meetup (so you know it’s SERIOUS). I’ve managed to do a bit of sewing as well as packing and tying up some loose ends so it’s been nice despite the feeling of FOMO.

Anyway, here’s what I wore last week…

Me-Made May '14

May 12th
Me-made: Stag Belladone
Other: Primark tights, ASOS shoes, forever21 cardigan
Comments: This frock hasn’t seen many outings; it’s really a summer dress but I wore it even though it was bucketing with rain. I dressed down the rather outlandish print with a cardi and dark tights. Still I felt like people were looking at me more than usual – especially children when I walked past a primary school! – but that might have been in my head. I felt good in it anyway and hope I can keep it in rotation after MMM. The main reason I wore it is we threw a surprise Spoolettes ‘hen do’ for Roisin, so we were all wearing our Dolly Clackett-inspired finest in her honour. Super fun night, though a bit too much booze for a Monday!

Me-Made May '14

May 13th
Me-made: Lace Coco
Other: Gap jeans, Primark boots
Comments: Feeling a bit delicate after last night, so an easy, comfy outfit.

Me-Made May

May 14th
Me-made: Rose jeans, Julia Cardigan
Other: Gap tee, Dorothy Perkins necklace, Next loafers
Comments: Thank gawd I made a lot of jeans, they’re keeping me afloat in MMM. Actually saw some sun today, but it was another 7am start so quite a boring outfit.

Me-Made May

May 15th
Me-made: Vintage Roses dress
Other: ASOS shoes
Comments: Finally the rain has buggered off and it’s got warmer here – though I confess I chickened out and put on some tights on those pasty legs after taking this photo just in case in turned again. I was at work, and in the evening went for a fancy dinner with Josh – good comfy yet smart frock to take me through the day.

Me-Made May

May 16th
Me-made: Knit skirt (unblogged, self-drafted)
Other: BDG tee, very old sandals, Cos necklace
Comments: Still sunny = bare legs out for real this time. This skirt is just a quarter circle with elastic waistband, made from a Rolls n Rems remnant. It looks weirdly similar to a skirt Andrea made recently! Quick and cheap win, must make more of them.

Me-Made May

May 17th
Me-made: Burda 07/2011 pants
Other: forever21 tee
Comments: Sulking that I’m missing #NyLon, but packing for Ecuador and doing lifeadmin at home in a slobby outfit. I’ve got another comfy me-made outfit picked out for the long plane ride tomorrow but not sure I’ll get a chance to photograph it. See you on the other side! I’m off to Google to fabric shop situation in Quito…

Me-Made May week 2

mmm week 2

Evening! How are we all getting on with #MMM14? Time to share my second week of outfits. This was a pretty nuts week for me – I was really busy with work, diving back into an in-house contract for the first time in ages and also having to get up super early and commute out of town for a few days, which was an unexpected jolt to the system. I’ve also had more than usual evenings out, plus there was bizarre weather to deal with (days of rain, sun, back to rain again) which made outfit planning a challenge at times. But I did manage to stick to wearing at least one me-made a day; here’s my week in outfits…

Me-Made May '14

May 5th
Me-made: Smock dress (unblogged, self-drafted)
Other: American Apparel tights, ASOS shoes & bag, Urban Outfitters necklace
Comments: This dress was a recent practice at rubibing-off of one of my favourite RTW dresses – it worked so well I’m more than happy wearing the test. I’ll blog about the drafting process if anyone’s interested. On this bank holiday Monday I did some work at home then went to meet my sister for a late lunch in the sun. Apart from the rather short and billowy frock getting embarrassingly blown about in the breeze, I felt v good in this.

Me-Made May '14

May 6th
Me-made: Tulip Scout, Sandra jeans
Other: H&M tank underneath, vintage shoes, ASOS bag, Comfort Station necklace
Comments: Dug out my first pair of jeans for first day in a new contract job. More comfortable and well-fitting now than when I first made them which is good. Love for my silk Scout still going strong.

Me-Made May '14

May 7th
Me-made: Tilly Buttons Mimi blouse
Other: Primark cardigan, forever21 jeans, vintage shoes, Oh My Clumsy Heart necklace
Comments: Had a 7am start (hence dark photo taken in the evening to avoid waking boyfriend) and would usually cocoon myself in something oversized and black for such an occasion. But it was Tilly’s book launch party in the evening, so I just had to wear my LAFS Mimi. Actually I think wearing sunny yellow lifted my mood, and I felt really good in this, even though it’s a little out of my usual style (ie, an actual colour). Better pics & more details on Mimi coming soon.

Me-Made May '14

May 8th
Me-made: Julia Cardigan
Other: Gap jeans, Dr Denim top, Datter necklace
Comments: Ugh, I look scruffy. Another long day so a lazy outfit. I was comfortable but felt a bit slobby overall. After work I met Kathryn for an evening of tea-tasting and hologram ballet (yes, really) at Kew Gardens which was lovely, and the wool Julia kept me nice and warm.

Me-Made May '14

May 9th
Me-made: Dot jeans, reversible raglan
Other: Madewell cardigan, River Island boots, Cos necklace
Comments: Tired and wanting this week to be over = lazy grey-zy outfit. The jeans have stretched out a bit which makes them a better fit now! Look at the sole literally hanging off my shoes – this is what happens when I no longer clothes-shop; I wear my RTWs until they actually fall apart.

Me-Made May '14

May 10th
Me-made: Twill trousers
Other: Cos tee, Next loafers, vintage pewter belt, Oh My Clumsy Heart necklace
Comments: This is very similar to my Day 1 outfit, just with shinier accents and the pants rolled down. I didn’t actually get dressed until mid-afternoon, after a morning of doing lifeadmin tasks at home. Ventured out in the evening to a chilli festival (yum) – got utterly soaked on the way but luckily the rest of the evening was pleasant.

Me-made May '14

May 11th
Me-made: Liberty print Zippy Dress
Other: American Apparel tights, ASOS shoes, forever21 cardigan, Datter necklace
Comments: Another new make on my ‘to photograph’ list. It’s a Zippy Top dress hack using Liberty lawn I bought from Shaukat. Basically in love with it, from the fabric to the fit to the care I took over the construction. It only could have done with a skirt slip as lawn is a devil for crumpling and sticking to tights, otherwise it’s a winner. I went to meet my family for lunch for my dad’s 65th birthday, which was really nice but another early start and more trains, so I’m pretty knackered now and not relishing jumping into another week of work just yet.

Despite the challenges of work and weather, I’m pleased I muddled through this week with some decent outfits under my belt. Next week is the last one before I spend a week in Ecuador, which is where the challenging part REALLY begins…

Me-Made May Week 1

me-made May week 1

I’m plumping for Sundays for my #MMM14 weekly roundups – easier to find the time to put the post together! I thought I’d jot down some extra notes about what I did each day and how I felt in the outfit (specifically the handmade bit of it): its practicality, comfort and style factor. So here are my outfits for the four days this week:

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 1st
Me-made: Black twill trousers (not blogged yet)
Other: H&M tee, ASOS shoes, belt and necklace unknown (Not pictured: Anthropologie soft biker, ASOS bag)
Comments: love the colours and silhouette here, but it ended up entirely inappropriate for the non-stop rainy weather. I had an early meeting for a new freelance gig (which I got!) and confess I changed when I got home as I was soaked and cold. The pants are another successful pair of Burda 7017s which I’ll blog about soon.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 2nd
Me-made: Polka dot skinny jeans
Other: Primark tee, Anthropologie soft biker, ASOS bag, Cos necklace
Comments: Felt pretty good and comfortable in this; I went to a meeting and food shopping, then got rained on again. Need to make more tops like this to ease my Primark jersey tee habit.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 3rd
Me-made: Zippy top, wool jersey cardigan
Other: Gap jeans, ASOS loafers, Datter necklace
Comments: Pretty much a usual/ideal day outfit for me. I had a bit of a walk and did a hand-lettering class in a nearby art shop. Then came home and sewed :) The top is a See Kate Sew Zippy top, which I’ve basically been making a billion of lately: I have a roundup post with more details coming soon.

Me-Made May 14 week 1

May 4th
Me-made: Viscose jersey (non)Zippy Top
Other: H&M lounge pants, Cos necklane
Comments: Home day: sewing, blogging and catching up with work. Might throw on some real trousers and take a walk in a bit. The tee is another Zippy – told you I was into this pattern lately. My sister bought me the pants saying ‘I know you could make these, but thought you’d like them’. I do!

This has been fun so far and is going well, bring on next week…