Bye MMM, hello NYC

Wow, it’s the end of me-made May already. It really zipped by – probably because I’ve been working so hard! The good thing is my me-made wardrobe saw me through the late nights, somewhat variable weather, and usual cycling round town. Here are a selection of outfits from the last couple of weeks.


Jeans and tops, jeans and tops. Clockwise from top-left, a BHL Polly, a new Paprika patterns Onyx top, hand-dyed silk noil zippy top and silk zippy top. Some with Ginger jeans, some with RTW Uniqlo jeans.


Outings for two pairs of Burda 7017s as a slight variation from the skinny-jeans-and-top silhouette. I actually made a new pair of 7017s during the month, I’ll share them soon.


Frocks! Old Liberty print zippy dress and a new Plantain hack knit dress (which turned into a bit of a nightmare project as it needed underlining = two layers of differently-stretchy slippy, curly knits = PAIN. But I love this dress soo it was worth it.)


My brand new cloud-print Ilsley skirt has already seen two outings – definite wardrobe winner.


AND this self-draft dress saw two wears in varying degrees of weather – another firm favourite that I need to replicate.

Overall my MMM was definitely a success – I really like where my wardrobe is at now and it’s usually extremely easy to get dressed in the morning. I didn’t even get to wear some of my favourite me-mades before the month was out.

Brooklyn Diana

In exciting news, the beginning of June signals that my trip to New York is finally nigh! This was my birthday present from Josh back in January and included a Mood voucher, so more fabric shopping will definitely be happening. I hope to hang out with some NY sewists too! Can’t wait. See you in a week!

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  1. AvatarKathryn

    i love your me-made wardrobe! I’ve been researching trouser patterns as I’d like to have a go & I keep coming back to that Burda pattern – mainly because your versions are so cool! Have a great time in NY, and in Mood!

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