Autumn uniform ii: Mountain-Plantain

Plantain + Cardigan

Like my Coco-Sandra, this outfit is another one I’ll be wearing all autumn. I wasn’t going to blog the dress since it’s pretty darn basic, but I snapped some photos of this outfit in the morning when I wore it because I happened to have made the cardigan too. I love a 100% me-made day!

Plantain dress

The dress is a Deer & Doe Plantain tee ‘hack’, which you can find Anna’s tutorial for here. It’s made from one of Leah Duncan’s newest collection for Art Gallery, which I got from M is for Make (though it’s nearly sold out – Finch Sewing Studio have it for a good price too). I was interested to see what the quality is like of the Art Gallery knits, and overall I’m pretty happy with it. I’d call it a light-medium weight, but it’s stable and easy to stitch. It’s got plenty of 4-way stretch and good recovery. Ideal for a tee or babydoll dress really, and I reckon it’d make some pretty comfy leggings too. I’ve washed it a few times already and it seems to be holding up well.

Plantain dress

This was a no-brainer sew – all overlocked and the hem straight stitched since it doesn’t need to stretch. I should really have tried harder with lining up the print because the waistline is a bit skewiff and the mountains are upside down on the skirt and sleeves, ooops. It’s kind of a secret pyjama dress – sooo comfortable – which is why it’s shot to the top of my most-worn list despite the wobbly bits. Must make more!


I made the cardigan pattern myself by tracing off a very beloved Madewell knit that I bought last winter. It was really simple to trace and sew – I made the entire thing from pattern to finishing in an evening. The fabric is a cable textured double-layered knit from Minerva. It’s only £3.99/m and is really snuggly since there are actually two layers of knit bonded together.


It’s got a raglan sleeve construction with the hem and neck bands sewn on afterwards. I topstitched down the overlocking around the neckband to encourage it to stay flipped outwards. I put buttons on for that genuine knitted cardigan effect but didn’t bother with buttonholes since I’ll never wear it closed, ha.

Plantain + Cardigan

Unfortunately it turned out just a little bit too small all over, mostly because I didn’t allow for the fabric I chose having much less stretch than the original cardigan. Next time I’ll just add an inch or so all over and perhaps choose a looser fabric. It’s finally actually starting to feel cold here in London so I think Project Coat will be my next big project.

15 thoughts on “Autumn uniform ii: Mountain-Plantain

  1. AvatarMaude

    This is such a pretty dress! I love the shape and the print… It’s super cute and perfect during autumn. :)
    I bought some knit fabric and I was looking for a dress pattern but wasn’t quite sure which one to use. Thanks to you, I finally found the one hahah It’s perfect!

  2. AvatarFriederike

    I really like your outfit! Love the golden glimmer on the knit fabric, that’s why I layed my eyes on it the day it came out. ;) And the cardi is cute aswell.

  3. AvatarAmy

    Oooh that dress is so good. Love the Art Gallery Fabrics. Leah Duncan knows her shizzle. Such an interesting basic, I kinda like it with the mountains up and down in different directions.

  4. AvatarAmy G

    Great outfit, I love those colours together although I never wear them myself for some reason! And I LOVE your trick of ignoring the buttonholes ha ha. I never do cardigans up so that is a great tip :)

  5. AvatarElena

    I’m so glad you decided to blog this outfit. It’s ah-mazing. Great fabric choices. Hope you don’t mind if I try to pick up some of these myself… she says as she hightails it to the sites ;)

  6. AvatarSarah - Fabric Tragic

    Thanks for the opinion on the art gallery knits. There’s a few I’ve got my eye on but they’re very pricey to buy here in Australia so was hesitating. This outfit is so you! You’re really building up such a great wardrobe. I think that Minerva knit would make a gorgeous retro style sweater too. Nice find!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Try the Etsy shop I linked to, they seem to have flat-rate worldwide postage so it’s quite reasonable to Aus. It WOULD make a good sweater!

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