Autumn capsule: Style Arc Ethel


Firstly, please forgive me a little YAY – I won the Bloglovin’ 2015 award for Best Sewing Blog. I’m honestly amazed: against all the incredible blogs out there, never mind the other nominees, it’s a big surprise to be noticed and recognised like this. Thank you so much if you voted for me, and thanks even if you just visit and enjoy reading. Being able to share my garments and process makes sewing all the more enjoyable for me, so it’s great to have a little extra encouragement to keep on doing it.

Style Arc Ethel

So, it didn’t take long to get cracking on my autumn sew plans – I made this top on the Sunday right after I posted about my plans. A nice easy one to kick off and looking satisfyingly similar to my sketch, this is the Style Arc Ethel top in cream cotton ikat from Offset Warehouse. (I’m told this fabric is now only in stock in Fabrications, so sorry if you wanted to find it online – they have lots of other lovely organic cotton ikats, though.)

Style Arc Ethel

I trend to trust Style Arc’s drafting and fit on myself to cut their patterns straight into my good fabric, and this was pretty good out of the packet. It’s boxy and loose fitting (about 10″ ease in the chest in the size 10) but I think the design lines make it pretty flattering. I scooped out the neckline a bit as the stripes seemed a bit overwhelming on the higher neck – as you can maybe see, that caused a tiny bit of gapeage so I’ll correct that on the flat pattern for next time. Also there’s an annoyingly uneven stripe right at the neckline which makes the neckline look slightly wonky – I swear it isn’t, ha ha.

Style Arc Ethel

Due to my quite thick fabric, instead of using the included topstitched facings around the neck, arm and hem I just did a bias facing for the neck and plain hems. But in a lighter fabric I’d definitely like to try that detail next time.

Style Arc Ethel

I cut the side panels slightly off-grain so they’d follow the diagonal front seams, and I like the resulting chevron effect at the sides and shoulders. It does appear to tip up just a bit at the front, I am not too sure how to correct that.

Style Arc Ethel

Handily for autumn, I love how this looks with a cardigan, the diagonal seams poking out at the top. As planned, the cotton is breathable yet cosy, and it just needs a shake when it comes out the machine to get the wrinkles out. Which is good, as I can see it getting worn and washed an awful lot. Up next from the plans, I finally picked a jacket pattern for my grey crosswoven cotton, so watch this space…

49 thoughts on “Autumn capsule: Style Arc Ethel

  1. AvatarLisa G

    Love how the stripes are positioned! What a great little top. And congrats on the award! I’m so glad a down to earth, every day clothes making sewing blog won out. Very inspiring!

  2. AvatarJane

    Congratulations on the award! I think the Ethel top is such a great shape and yours looks lovely. I’ve only just discovered Style Arc but I think I’ll be trying some of their patterns this autumn/winter.

  3. AvatarKatie

    So excited for your bloglovin’ award – congrats!! And I’m thrilled to see your Ethel top – I really love the fabric and the stripes matching the lines of the pattern. I’ve never actually tried a Style Arc pattern, but maybe I should be giving them a go!

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks Katie! I love Style Arc, if you can get past the poor instructions – the styles and drafting are great.

  4. AvatarLyndle

    I loove your top! That fabric and the way you’ve used it in the pattern are great. Perfect combo. And congrats on the blog award.

  5. Avatarsharon

    congratulations on the well-deserved award! i adore this blog, your style, everything, really. please carry on! x

  6. AvatarSam

    Huge congratulations on the win Katie!

    You mentioned the front hem of your top – which is lovely by the way – tipping up slightly. Does it feel like it’s slipping back off your shoulders? I sometimes get that and have discovered that a forward shoulder adjustment corrects it.

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Ahaaa. I think that could be it – you can see the weighting is a bit off at the shoulder line too. I’m going to try that. Thanks!

  7. AvatarSarah

    Congratulations for winning! I agree with you that the top looked amazing with a grey cardigan. I hope you don’t mind me asking what is the type of cloth you used for the top? I will try to find inspiration from your top and what I learned from ACS Daily.

  8. AvatarNicole

    Congratulations Katie!!! I love reading your blog and learn a lot from you. Love this top!! Stripes look great. Think I may need this pattern!

  9. AvatarHannah

    Congratulations on your award Katie, I’m delighted for you! This is my favourite blog, you inspired me to start sewing earlier this year and I’m hooked! Thank you for your advice on the fox quilt via email – it is in progress and I will send photos when it is finished. I think you are an inspiration for everyone xx

  10. Avatardaniella

    Really nice top! you’re lucky you made the version without the facings though, they’re a bit of a pain to topstitch, especially the bottom one which is a bit shorter than the top where you topstitch – argh! Bagging and pleating ensues! Well done on the win :).

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Ahh I hate doing stuff like that so I’ll gear myself up if I come to make the facing version some time!

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