A pretty pear


I recently picked this pattern to remake a bit at random, because it’s just so fun to sew and fills a wardrobe gap for slightly fancy summery frocks. It’s my second take on Vogue 1395 (here’s the first). I wanted to put into practice a couple of minor fitting and design tweaks from last time, as well as trying it in a drapier fabric which it’s better suited to. That makes a pair of 1395s, and this one has pears on, ho ho.


Besides the fit alterations I made first time, this time I cut front bodice on the fold and did a U-shape neckline instead of the V, added in 1/2″ bodice length (after I removed too much on my first go) and slimmed down the overlay ties a little bit – I did not have enough fabric spare to make them any longer as I wanted to.


Gah, I adore that wraparound side view. I left the sleeves full and fluttery this time as it seemed to suit the fabric. Personally I find this pattern very flattering on my pear (ho ho, part two) shape because the wide shoulders and slim skirt do a good balancing act.


I omitted the elastic from the waist casing because I actually think it looks nicer if you let the ties do the gathering on their own. (I’m making a third take on V1395 right now and omitted the waist seam completely, cutting the bodice and skirt as one… will share that when it’s done.)


I made self-bias tape to finish the neckline and armholes, and did cheatin’ roll hem for the overlay/tie edges and hem: serged the edge then used that as a guide to turn back twice and stitch into place close to the fold. A bit dirty, but turned out looking quite neat.


The pear print polyester is from eBay – it’s a very nice poly, with a heavy silky drape and completely opaque so no need to worry about lining. It was definitely harder to work with than the Japanese cotton I made my first 1395 with – lots of slipping and fraying to contend with. One of those fabrics when you heave a sigh of relief as each raw edge gets finished or enclosed, you know what I mean?! Spray starch was my saviour.


I’m pleased this dress turned out how I imagined, and it got its first wear last night on the lovely Sally‘s Spoolettes hen night. I can see it being regularly pulled out for weddings and family events too. As I mentioned, another one of these is in the works right now using a more daytime-appropriate double gauze. I do love a TNT, especially one so fun to both make and wear!

30 thoughts on “A pretty pear

  1. AvatarSam

    That’s really lovely. I’d kind of dismissed this pattern, but this is so nice it’s making me reconsider. I like the idea of omitting the elastic from the waist, I think that’s partly what was putting me off the pattern. Gorgeous fabric too.

  2. AvatarAbigail

    I’m obsessed with the fabric–so cute. The colour of the fabric is flattering on your skin, too! Aren’t summer dresses the best? So easy to throw on and go!

  3. AvatarGillian

    It’s so pretty! Different colour palette than I usually think of you wearing, but it looks great! (And you match the flowers in your fireplace, so win!)

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Pink is one of my favourite colours but not one I wear an awful lot. (I made a bright coral knit sundress recently, I wore it to work on Friday and have never had so many compliments. So maybe I need to wear it more, ha!)

  4. AvatarJane

    I’ve been on the verge of buying this pattern so many times, especially after seeing your first version! And now the drapey gorgeousness of this dress may just have forced my hand! It’s lovely Katie – the perfect, slightly fancy summery frock! x

  5. AvatarLizzy

    This is going to sound daft, but I hadn’t thought to use spray starch on slippery fabrics before. Right, every fabric that I ever avoided because it looked like a nightmare to handle is getting it’s ass sprayed! This print is so much fun, although a bit like a magic eye picture – it took me about 5 minutes to actually see pears rather than abstract shapes.

    Also your shoes are AWESOME :).

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Ah, spray starch is brilliant! I couldn’t have made bias with this fabric without it. Do test though to check it doesn’t mark your fabric (though any watermarks should wash out).

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      Thanks! Your bees one is still my original 1395 inspiration! I do the round neck mod a lot, I have a True Bias Sutton blouse with the same thing on the go.

  6. AvatarMags

    Your dress looks lovely. I made this pattern and hated it on me, I felt like a bus! Just shows. I always think you have a great style and know what suits you.

  7. AvatarShauni

    This is a lovely make! I’ve just finished the Kielo Wrap Dress by Named and love the wrap/tie waist on that, so I might have to make the Vogue 1395 too. Lovely fabric too!

    Shauni x

  8. AvatarAmy

    Great changes to the pattern. Nice to see you in a paler colour. I’ve bought some spray starch thanks to your link. Think I’ll need it to help me tame some satin!

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