A pink marshmallow Blanca

In which, like a millennial cliche, I blend into my pale peachy pink wall, in my pale peachy pink jumpsuit – in my second Closet Core Blanca flight suit.

In my ongoing desire for a ‘put one garment on and be dressed’ lifestyle, I pretty much just want to sew and wear jumpsuits and dresses at the moment, so this luxuriously cosy baby pink onesie is really a very practical make. The buttery, powdery, peach fuzziest, babiest of baby cords is needlecord in rose from Stoff & Stil.

It was just a delightful project to sew! I completed it leisurely in little bursts over a couple of weeks, taking plenty of time over doing nice topstitching and finishing. I sourced the zip and buckle (actually a bikini clasp) from Jaycotts – I’d have preferred copper or rose gold but couldn’t find something suitable in a matching set.

I had a couple of minor fitting niggles with my first Blanca (although they were difficult to fully diagnose in the print I used), but I… didn’t bother to change anything for this one. The fit is passable but the shoulders are almost certainly a size or two too big (I think the pattern is supposed to have a slight drop shoulder, but it feels too baggy overall around the upper chest and back) and there’s a weird situation going on at the small of the back: it feels like there’s both not enough height/width to fit my butt and too much fabric that’s pooling above the butt like a swayback is needed. Strange one, not sure where I’d start to make that better. I also shortened the sleeves considerably and folded out the pintucks on the back panel.

I did however bother to rework the finishing of the zip that I mentioned annoyed me on my first Blanca. Essentially I folded back the generous 3/4″ seam allowance twice to enclose the zip tape edge and topstitched it in place; a sort of lazy Hong Kong style finish. I’ve saved the steps I took as a highlight on my Instagram. Also, every single seam is flat-felled (apart from the inseam, which is French) = zero overlocking anywhere, extremely pretty pink guts.

I don’t know why the collar looks darker btw? I was super careful to cut everything with the same nap, must just be how the light hits it. Anyway, very pleased with my marshmallow suit and new ability to blend into my wall should I need to.

7 thoughts on “A pink marshmallow Blanca

  1. AvatarEmily

    This turned out so pretty! I really like the combination of pretty-pink and utilitarian-style details.

    I’ve never fitted (or even worn) a jumpsuit so probably I have no idea what I’m saying, but the too-much-too-little problem at the small of your back, maybe is it as simple as the waist being in the wrong spot? Like you need to move it down a cm or two, at least at the back?

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      It definitely needs some fiddling in the back but think it’s that the pattern is drafted to be a inch below the natural waist and I have quite an inward curve there so there’s too much fabric. I think I should either bring the wasitline up to my true waist, or cut a smaller size to deal with the excess.

  2. AvatarKatie

    This is glorious. I think your fit issue at the shoulders might be it being a bit tight in the bust and that is preventing the fabric above the bust dropping down and creating that blouson effect

    1. AvatarKatie Post author

      You could be right – i definitely see drag lines in the photos pointing to bust tightness, although it doesn’t feel too tight when worn. I’ll consider a FBA next time

  3. AvatarFiona Parker

    I’m with you on ‘put one thing on and be dressed’ probably the main reason I love a jumpsuit so much!
    This turned out so beautifully Katie. I really enjoyed the process of sewing mine too, sometimes I love getting my teeth stuck into a meatier project with lots of elements to work on. I admire your commitment to flat fell seams! I couldn’t face that!

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