A month of #dresslikeacrayon

It’s has been SO nice to see #dresslikeacrayon resonating and taking off a little bit with other people on Instagram during January. I started it primarily to kick myself into re-sharing outfits and thinking about new sewing plans, so for other people to get on board was a huge bonus. It ended up being incredibly inspiring seeing how other people crayoned; I found a lot of new folk to follow and added a lot of ideas to my sewing list!

I have to give a shout out to some of the most dedicated crayoners in particular: jessiejessyg who I think was the most frequent hashtagger and most dedicated to complete-crayoning with a really eclectic range of outfits. KatieKortmanArt who again really took the theme to heart, especially with bright colours, and invented the crayon box dance! And Charlotte who shared some wonderfully textural outfits as well as a cute armful of crayons.

Personally, the crayoning theme largely achieved what I hoped. I was able to look at my wardrobe with new eyes, combine items that I hadn’t considered before, and come out with quite a clear idea of what I might be lacking in terms of adaptable pieces that my wardrobe would benefit from to unlock a load of new outfit combos. I also learned what I already expected; that since I gravitate towards a fairly constrained palette anyway I had a fair amount of crayoning choice and it definitely often reduced the time it took me to decide what to wear. I also learned that I CAN wear bright(-ish) colours and not feel horribly self-conscious. The red and green crayon outfits were some of my favourites, even if I didn’t feel completely myself in them..

That said, the theme became really difficult to follow the crayoning theme over the last couple of weeks as it got really cold and my only completely full-length pants, and winter boots, are black! So I did end up either defaulting to boring black-crayoning quite a bit or my usual pair-anything-with-black outfit formula. I fully expect to keep crayoning all year round, and I think it will only be easier and more fun in the spring.

What has been added to my sewing plans as a result? Definitely pants in more colours to pair with my collection of sweater and tops. Tan/brown was a really popular colour on the hashtag and I am scouring the world for the perfect shade of corduroy for wide-leg trousers. Likewise I’m fond of the idea of more powder blue, which seems to span a nice area between the logistical difficulties of wearing full-on white and the ubiquitous boringness of denim. And more jumpsuits/overalls! I wear my small collection of all-in-ones so frequently and they are the first thing I turn to on indecisive/nothing-to-wear days. Instantly dressed, layer-able for all weathers, instant crayon.

I have saved just some of the posts from the hashtag into colour-themed Instagram stories which you can explore from my profile, and I highly recommend browsing the hashtag for a dose of colourful crayon inspiration. Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken part, it’s been such a joy to ‘host’ and kick off this fun theme. Keep at it!

6 thoughts on “A month of #dresslikeacrayon

  1. AvatarJessica

    Thanks again Katie, both for the shout-out and, even more, for suggesting #dresslikeacrayon! Of course I’d seen such outfits before, but somehow had never considered them for myself, and it turns out I really enjoy it! Definitely a great source of inspiration. I love your outfits too! 🌈

    1. AvatarAnne

      Hi Katie! I’m a long time reader and have followed the dress like a crayon hashtag on instagram, and it has definitely made me feel less self-conscious about dressing in the same color from head to toe ! The expression has become a staple at home, too. My boyfriend loves the concept and shows me how crayon-y he looks depending on his outfit!! We’ve also spotted some great crayon-y outfits in the streets of Paris (where we live), too. So yes… thanks so much for starting this, it’s been super fun! When I manage to make a full me-made crayon outfit, I will be sure to post it on IG!

  2. AvatarJenny Bowman

    I have really enjoyed your#dresslikeacrayon and was only sorry that due to the awful light here at the moment I wasn’t able to post pictures as often as I wanted. It has been great to see what others put together and has given me some great ideas for future sewing and different combinations too. 🖍🖍🖍

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