A few peeks

Firstly, thank you so much for all the entries to my giveaway with Cloth House – over 200 so far! It’s open for another week and a half so keep the comments coming – it’s so fun to read them, but I’m sorry only one can win the voucher.


So I’ve had a bit of a disaster this week. No sooner did I get my sewing room back after its building work than my overlocker completely died :( A bit in the lower mechanism is wobbly that definitely shouldn’t be and it won’t make any stitches. My local repair place says that Toyotas are difficult to get new parts for, so I’m worried it won’t even be salvageable. Between the building works and nearly all my other (admittedly more urgent) electronic devices like phone, camera and computer also needing repairs or upgrades, I am not sure I can afford a new one right away. Such a bummer as I have loads of lovely knits begging to be sewn up!


Anyway, on the positive side my room is looking beautiful already, even though it’s far from finished. It’s full of light and feels much bigger even though it’s still comparatively small – my A1 cutting mat basically fits the available floor space! I can’t wait to get it all organised and decorated; I know it’s going to be a joy to sew in.


That will have to wait a little longer though as I’m off on my travels again – beautiful Barbados this time. While my plan to sew a couple of new swimsuits was foiled by the overlocker croaking it, I did manage to make a few new summery garments to take with me, doing some serious stashbusting in the process as well as honing my French seam skills. Here’s a little peek…. more on them when I return!



16 thoughts on “A few peeks

  1. AvatarSophie-Lee

    Ohh noooo, your poor overlocker! What a pain, especially when you have other (?more important) things you need to spend money on than buying a new one. I mean, you can still sew knits with a regular machine but it’s not as nice.

    Have fun away!

  2. AvatarGinger

    Your sewing space has so much light! Fantastic! Crossing my fingers that there’s a magical solution for your overlocker problems. In the meantime, enjoy Barbados! It sounds amazing!

  3. AvatarMichelle

    Your sewing space looks bright and tidy! I like your idea for storing pdf patterns. It’s difficult to find a nice way to keep them. Also, your vacation wardrobe pieces are delightful, especially the tigers! I’m not typically one to reach for a novelty print, but that is a great print!

  4. Avataremily marie

    Your new space is so nice & light, looking forward to see how you finish it! Such a bummer about your serger; mine broke in the middle of sewing a sweatshirt last spring and I had similar troubles with ordering parts and getting it fixed. I ended up just getting a new one since the repairs would have cost nearly what I had paid for my first one. I totally feel your heartache!
    I must have missed your giveaway post the first time around… heading over there now!

    Have a great trip!

  5. AvatarSally

    Okay, so..
    1) I did not even know Toyota made overlockers
    2) I love your filing system for patterns
    3) tigers!

    Have a super vacation – can’t wait to see what is rolled up in that suitcase after you return :)

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