I’ve been a bit out of it with sewing lately, but I really want to kick it up again in 2017. The first thing to do is take my machines to get serviced and repaired as soon as possible. My normal machine has two really annoying issues – the thread-cutter blade broke off and the foot won’t stay raised on its own – which I need to get fixed as they drive me nuts whenever I start a project. I’ve also started a fresh Instgram account just for sewing to give me another boost – it’s, predictably, at @whatkatiesews. And I’ve been buying a few pretty fabrics in the sales to kickstart some ideas – my stash is pretty low!

2017 Make Nine

Of course another fun motivator is to make plans. With a few more months’ of sad winter ahead, I tried to pick nine projects which would be wearable in the cold weather and beyond into spring and summer. Here’s my inspo-board:

1. I never blogged it, but I made a black button-down mini skirt at the start of the year, self-drafted using my skirt block: here’s an Instagram pic. It was an unassuming little wardrobe hit which always garnered compliments, because it makes my waist look tiny! So I’d like another one, either in dark denim or full-on 90s-revival velvet like this one.
2. A black midi kimono dress. I’ve had the Sew House Seven Tea House dress cut and ready to make for ages, but it takes 3m of fabric and I always buy in 2m lots so I’m waiting for the right stuff to come along and buy the correct quantity.
3. More waist-wrappy dresses – I love them! Either a Style Arc Serena, Vogue 1395, Style Arc Celine, or Named Kielo.
4. Bibbed wide-leg culotte-overalls. I’ll probably self-draft from the True Bias Emersons, which I also made this year and never blogged, but were a total hit on my recent holiday.
5. Swingy printed dresses. Just a year-round wardrobe essential! i’ll probably use my Roberts hack pattern.
6. A jersey midi column skirt, perhaps in a pre-pleated type of fabric if I can find some and figure out how to sew it!
7. Mmmm, sack dresses. Vogue 1482 or 1496 will do the trick here.
8. Cropped straight-leg pants, maybe in stretch needlecord, to be worn with tees tucked in or sweaters.
9. T-shirts! Another thing that never gets blogged but regularly sewn. I like this ringer-type twist and the longer-than-short sleeves.

Capsule sewing

My nine projects were picked based on this idea of a trans-seasonal capsule wardrobe, which can be mixed and matched to make it easy to get dressed and ensure high rotation across garments that all work together. Here’s how I see it all fitting together:

The obvious great thing about dresses (and their legged cousin, the jumpsuit) is you can throw one on and be instantly dressed. I wear dresses more than 50% of the time, and they are also funsies to sew, so it’s a win win. Plus you can use all the fun prints since they don’t need to match anything! In addition to the ones in my #makenine list, I also want another Helmi and probably some more Sudleys too.

I hope this trend for wide, slightly cropped pants doesn’t go away – I really like them, though I haven’t quite cracked the chilly-ankles issue now it’s getting close to freezing. I think they’re best with a slimmer top to balance them out, like a ribbed tee or turtleneck.

A variation on the above that I can throw tights under and a cardi on top of for winter. It gives me a chance to rock my main RTW indulgence too, silly slogan t-shirts and band shirts, a habit I can’t quite kick.

It worked, I’m excited to get sewing now! Happy Christmas and new year, everyone.

p.s. all image sources on Pinterest

16 thoughts on “#2017makenine

  1. AvatarShauni S

    Loving your make 9 – in fact, feeling very much inspired by it, and the idea of capsule sewing (I usually just make things and hope that they’ll fit in with the rest of my wardrobe)!
    Can’t wait to see your Tea House Dress :)

    Happy New Year x

  2. AvatarSophie

    You might be able to find some pleated jersey at Stoff och Stil. I got some from the shop in Stockholm so they might have it online. (Made a column skirt too, but can’t decide if it’s too long.)

  3. AvatarCarly Foster

    I love your #2017make nine. It’s given me much food for thought, I blogged mine today too. Pretty much in love with everything you’ve used as inspo, I can’t wait to see what you sew up!

  4. AvatarLaura Gilbert

    Love this Katie. Such good inspiration. I’ll join you on the tea dress. Have you found a UK Sew House Seven stockist? I’m in love with the entire collection but shipping it from the US is going to be expensive. I know they do PDF patterns but I’m not keen on the ones I’ve tried so far.

  5. AvatarLouise

    I made Vogue 1482 and just loved it. I thought, “it’s a sack–are you sure?” And, ‘why do I love this so much?” But I did. It was one of the first things I made once I got back into sewing, and was/is a huge win: extremely comfortable and very polished. That “sack” hangs perfectly, it has fantastic seam lines, and I get oodles of compliments every time I wear it.

  6. AvatarAshley

    I am loving your style! Have you seen the Charlotte Kan tie waist dress? I’ve had my eye on that pattern but haven’t had time to make it yet.

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